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Circular 33-2019 Invocation song and Police Anthem of Kerala Police 16-11-2019 Download
Circular 31-2019 Kerala Police Social media cell- Newly formed Sharechat and Tik Tok in social media platforms-reg 28-10-2019 Download
Circular 30-2019 Judgment of the Hon’ble Supreme Court of India in Union of India Vs. State of Maharashtra [Review Petition (Criminal) No.275/2018 in Criminal Appeal No.416 of 2018] – directions with regard to investigation of Cases registered under the Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Act, 1989 01-12-2019 Download
Circular 27-2019 Kerala Police - K9 Squad - Performance & Evaluation of Dogs - lnstructions 01-10-2019 Download
Circular 26-2019 Construction of buildings in police Department - Guidelines 26-09-2019 Download
Circular 25-2019 Kerala Police - Annual Chief Ministers Trophy for the Best Police Station - Instructions Issued 03-10-2019 Download
Circular 24-2019 Copies of the FIR, FIS, legible typewritten copy of the FIS and the remand report are to be furnished to the prosecutor concerned in regular bail applications 23-09-2019 Download
Circular 23-2019 Accommodation of IPS officers - Maintenance of IPS quarters - Conditions of occupation 19-09-2019 Download
Circular 19-2019 Investigation of UA(P)A Cases- Instructions- reg 02-08-2019 Download
Circular 18-2019 Maintenance and use of TR-5 receipts - Guidelines & Instructions - Issued - Reg:- 29-11-2019 Download
Circular 16-2019 GENERAL PROVIDENT FUND (KERALA RULES)- Withdrawal of Temporary Advance from the Fund-Revision of Upper Monetary Limit for various categories of sanctioning Authorities in Police Department -orders issued. 07-08-2019 Download
Circular 15-2019 Kerala Police –Traffic Enforcement Unit- Entrusting More IPC sections for registering Suo-Mottu cases 06-07-2019 Download
Circular 14-2019 Scrutiny/disposal of Crime Branch Cases by ADGP CB/ IsGP & SPs of CB- Instructions -reg, 28-06-2019 Download
Circular 13-2019 Functioning of State Women Cell – Duties and Responsibilities 27-05-2019 Download
Circular 12-2019 GENERAL PROVIDENT FUND(KERALA RULES)- Revision of the Upper Monetary limit for various categories of sanctioning Authorities for sanctioning NRA/Conversion of TA to NRA- order specifying the DDOs in police Department issued - reg. 04-06-2019 Download
Circular 11-2019 Records and Registers in Police Stations – Inspection by various Officers 04-06-2019 Download
Circular 10-2019 Badges of Honour - Inclusion of more disciplines - Regarding. 07-05-2019 Download
Circular 09-2019 Kerala Police Department - Recommendations for women police officers to perform the duties of Station House Officer and to enhance the service of women police officers on Women's Day 04-06-2019 Download
Circular 08-2019 Revamping of Highway Patrols - Highway Police- New instructions Issued 25-04-2019 Download
ED 06-2019 Executive Directive 06/2021 08-02-2019 Download
Circular 05-2019 National Police Memorial (NPM), Chanakyapuri , New Delhi 06-03-2019 Download
Circular 04-2019 Decriminalisation of section 377 of the Indian Penal Code 1860- Transgender persons to be treated with respect and dignity by the Police-Instructions 28-01-2019 Download
Circular 02-2019 Police Head Quarters – Assigning responsibilities of Camp Followers – Orders 28-03-2019 Download
Circular 01-2019 Commendation Disc - Specification Reg. 16-01-2019 Download
Circular 32-2018 NDPS Cases - Investigation – Informant/complainant and the Investigating officer cannot be the same person - directions for the conduct of a fair investigation - Instructions issued 15-11-2018 Download
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