Things you should be keep in mind while using Internet

Over confidence is not a good thing.

You may be a person who doesn&rsquot show much interest towards Internet, who is aware of dangers in the cyber world and who takes precautions to protect privacy and sensitive data. However do you know anything in detail about the new friends you made in the cyber world, anything about the groups or communities you joined or about a person in the cyber world who you think as a &lsquogood man&rsquo?. Will you inform your parents/wife/husband/friend that you are going to meet a person who is a friend of you in the cyber world? Think about it.

Do not share your private information with anyone in the cyber world

Chances are there that a cordial relationship of today will become enmity tomorrow. The photos, mails, chats, and videos etc you shared with a person while you were in friendship may be used against you after you&rsquore broke up. The information you share in the cyber world may be used against you by your jealous friend, enemy or by a criminal.

Do not share your password with anyone.

Do not share your password and other sensitive information with your friends, by believing them blindly. Relationships may collapse anytime and your friend may use your credentials against you.

Unplug or Close webcam when it is not in use

Softwares that can spy on you by recording your video are available now. These softwares can start themselves and can record your video without your permission and knowledge. So always unplug or close webcams when not in use.

Do not allow others to download pirated materials by using your computer

You may be well aware of the consequence of downloading pirated materials in your computer or mobile phone. If you share your computer or mobile with others, chances are there that they may access it in future without your permission. They may access your emails and notes etc. So always secure your computer or mobile phones etc by using passwords.

Use antivirus / Security softwares.

Use updated antivirus or Security softwares .Do not show laziness in installing or updating antivirus/security softwares . Do the antivirus software updation periodically .Use antivirus / security softwares after ensuring credibility and authenticity.

Internet Tips

1.Try to visit/use lawful websites only

2.Sites which uses https protocol has better security than sites which uses http protocol so expect some security flaws while browsing websites which uses http

3.Do not disclose your password to anyone

4.Do not open email from strangers.

5.Give importance to privacy and security of others as yours.

6.Do not believe blindly in the friendship and relationships in the cyber world.

7.Do not share personal, family and banking details with strangers.

8.Inform parents /friends /authorities if someone sends inappropriate or irritating mails to you.

9.Refuse the invitations from online friends to meet somewhere.

10.Do not use copy righted materials from Internet without prior permission

11.Do not click on suspicious link

12.Free Softwares / mobile applications may contain malicious code or virus.

Last updated on Monday 25th of May 2020 PM