Kerala State Police

Kerala Police in association with KSACS is introducing a new citizen service- &lsquoPol-Blood&rsquo. The service is available in Pol-App, the official Mobile App of Kerala Police. This platform strives to connect the blood donors and applicants to facilitate the timely availability of blood for medical emergencies. This is a citizen centric service being launched by Kerala Police.

This new module has mainly two areas

  • Blood Donor Service
  • Blood Recipient Service

Anybody can register as Donor by giving blood group, contact number, interested area to donate blood. The Donor can view the list of existing blood requests and choose according to his convenience.

In Recipient service, a user can submit blood request by providing details such as blood group, number of blood units needed, hospital details, blood bank details, required date/time and bystander details, and submit the application.

The Pol-Blood Control Room will manage the blood donation willing of donor and request raised by recipient. They will contact the requestor as well as donor and close each request in a virtuous manner.

This is a citizen centric service facilitates citizen in emergency

About Pol-App :

Pol-App, the official Mobile App of Kerala Police inaugurated by Hon. Chief Minister of Kerala on 10th of June 2020. The Pol-App available both in Play Store and App Store. The App already downloaded around 3 lakhs users (2,90,254) as on 20.04.2021. Presently, Pol-App can consider as one of the most popular Police Apps in India. It has a significant App rate in Play Store of Google (4.4 out of 5) and App Store of Apple (4.2 out of 5).


Last updated on Wednesday 2nd of February 2022 PM