Order Type Order Number Subject Order Date Preview
Circular 22-2021 Proper Maintenance of CD Files-Instruction Issued-reg 26-06-2021 Download
Circular 18-2021 Publication of Annual Police and Community Activity Report-Reg 13-06-2021 Download
Circular 17-2021 Welfare of Police Officials- Centre for Employee Enhancement and Development [CEED] Project- Guidelines 06-06-2021 Download
Circular 16-2021 Implementation of Physical Proficiency and Knowledge Proficiency Progress Cards(PPCs) in Basic Training Programme of Sub Inspector Trainees- Reg 28-05-2021 Download
Circular 15-2021 Police Estt :- Deputation of Police Personnel to SISF -Enhancing Posting Criteria- Guidelines issued of -Reg 15-05-2021 Download
Circular 14-2021 Norms for Police Station Buildings 14-05-2021 Download
Circular 13-2021 Different procedure in Investigation and Prosecution laid down by the Hon'ble Supreme Court in Suo Motu Writ(Criminal) No. 1/2017-Compliance of the Order- Instructions-Reg 03-05-2021 Download
Circular 12-2021 Conducting of Preliminary Enquiry-(PE)-Revised instructions-Regarding 23-04-2021 Download
Circular 11-2021 Police Dept.- Handling cases of reported or suspected presence of Radioactive material in the public domain- Guidelines issued for Police Personnel-reg. 17-04-2021 Download
Circular 10-2021 Understanding different formats of PHQ Communications-Reg 27-03-2021 Download
Circular 08-2021 Preparation and producing of Completion Certificate -reg 17-03-2021 Download
Circular 07-2021 Utilizing the service of Civil Defence Volunteers in Emergency Situations-Reg. 12-03-2021 Download
Circular 06-2021 Housekeeping and maintenance of Police buildings- Constituting teams for inspection - reg 26-02-2021 Download
Circular 05-2021 Police Estt :- Deputation of Police Personnel to SISF - Enhancing Posting Criteria - Guidelines issued of - Reg- 18-05-2021 Download
Circular 04-2021 Improving the Conviction rate in serious rate in serious crimes- Role of Police officers during Prosecution of Criminal cases- Instructions issued-reg. 02-02-2021 Download
Circular 03-2021 Code of Criminal Procedure,1973- Claim for default bail by the remanded accused u/s.167(2) of the CrPC- Duties of Investigating Officer- Instructions- Reg 02-02-2021 Download
Circular 02-2021 Circular 02-2021 10-01-2021 Download
Circular 01-2021 Police Dept. - Janamaithri suraksha project - constitution of community-based Dispute Resolution Mechanism - Community Mediation Centre (CMC)at Police Stations - Reg. 09-01-2021 Download
Circular 46-2020 Police Dept. - Package Insurance Policy to Department Vehicles - Instructions issued of - Reg. 05-01-2021 Download
Circular 45-2020 Investigation of cases in Vanitha PSs- Instructions- reg 28-12-2020 Download
Circular 44-2020 Crime review and conduct of crime conferences- instructions- reg 26-12-2020 Download
Circular 43-2020 Kerala Police Website- Content and Updation 07-12-2020 Download
Circular 42-2020 Police Dept- Chief Minister’s Police Medal- revised Guidelines issued- reg. 20-11-2020 Download
Circular 41-2020 Kerala Police-Police Dept.-Mandatory action by Police in case of crime against women 13-11-2020 Download
Circular 40-2020 Kerala Police Dept.-Publish of Circulars / important orders in the Official website of Kerala Police-Guidelines modified 19-10-2020 Download
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