Kerala Police Telecommunication is the communication backbone of the Police force in the State. The Police Telecommunication wing is the Communication and Technical wing of the Police Department. Different branches of Kerala Police are actively and wirelessly linked 24 X 7 with utmost care and due consideration .

Police Telecommunication is functioning as per the Rules and Procedures of Government of India viz. Wireless and Telegraphic Act 1932, Radio Procedures and relevant Manuals.

The basic duties and responsibilities of this Unit are to provide Telecommunication network to aid the day to day Policing in the districts, to maintain the equipment and to repair the same through regular monitoring. They also have an independent Training wing and Maintenance and Repair Workshop. Other important duties include installation of special communication systems for VVIP Security bandobust, Sabarimala pilgrimage season, Election duties, disaster management and grave Law and order situations etc.



Before independence of India, Malabar Special Police (MSP) and Special Armed Police (SAP) in Kerala were using HF Morse Communication System. Since, 1956 MSP and SAP Signal Units were renamed as Radio Wing of Kerala Police with HF wireless equipments working in CW mode, ie. using Morse Code.

Kerala Police Telecommunication unit came into existence in 1994, with VHF communication equipments working in RT mode, ie. voice communication.

Even today HF communication is working and is maintained as the most reliable and hot standby in the event of any natural calamity which may lead to collapse of all other long distance communication networks. Today RT communication throughout the state in VHF and UHF for all the L&O duties of the Police force of Kerala is facilitated by Tele unit. This is achieved through a series of Repeater Stations situated on hill-tops and mountains in very remote forest areas, manned by Telecom personnel, working round the clock and in tough climatic conditions. All the RT communications are recorded and stored in Voice Loggers, which are tamper proof and can be retrieved any time for verification. In addition there is a dedicated computer network connecting all the major establishments of Kerala Police.

70 Local Repeater Stations are functioning for the purpose of traffic and law & order management. Considering the demand of voice communication channels and other constrains in VHF (low and high band frequencies), Department also obtained license for UHF (Ultra High Frequency) operations in some major towns of the Kerala and the same is functioning. Through effective patching of various frequencies, seamless communication is possible between a small set in one district and another in a remote district.

Kerala Police Telecommunication personnel can handle all Electronic, Electrical gadgets and computer based works in the Kerala Police. District Computer anti-virus maintenance and networking are performed by the concerned DCMUs (District Computer Maintenance Units) of Kerala Police Telecommunication.

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