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Circular 38-2021 TDS Calculation - Regarding the submission of Form 10E for tax benefit under Section 89 (1) of the Income Tax Act 23-12-2021 Download
Circular 37-2021 Guidelines regarding the usage of Police CUG SIM 20-12-2021 Download
Circular 36-2021 Guidelines regarding submitting and arranging interest free loan application. 07-12-2021 Download
Circular 35-2021 Regarding the use of the contact number of the Junior Superintendent, F Branch, who is the nodal officer within the department, instead of the contact number of the nodal officer on the MEDISEP website for redressal of doubts regarding MEDISEP 18-12-2021 Download
Circular 34-2021 Prevention of Goonda Activities – Instructions issuing of –reg. 16-12-2021 Download
Circular 33-2021 Handling of POCSO Cases - reg 07-12-2021 Download
Circular 32-2021 Curbing of Gawking Charge (Nokkukooli) - Instructions as envisaged in the interim Order of the Hon'ble High Court of Kerala in WP(C) 17866/2021 - Circular issued - reg. 26-11-2021 Download
Circular 31-2021 Handling crimes regarding laws for protection of rights of differently abled -2016 18-11-2021 Download
Circular 30-2021 Regarding annual subscription of retired police personnel's to Police Welfare bureau 16-10-2021 Download
Circular 27-2021 Standard Operating Procedure(SOP) for allotment /issuance of Explosives & its accessories to Units, from State Special Branch(SSB) HQrs- Reg:- 29-09-2021 Download
Circular 26-2021 Police Department- The legality of the Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) issued to Child in Conflict with Law (CCL) - Circular No: 26/2021 issued from Police Headquarters- Erratum issued - reg. 18-05-2021 Download
Circular 26-2021 The legality of the Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) issued to Child in Conflict with Law (CCL) - instructions - reg 25-09-2021 Download
Circular 25-2021 Circular No. 25/2021 10-09-2021 Download
Circular 23-2021 SLP (Crl) No.3543/2020 filed by Sri. Paramvir Singh Saini vs Baljith Singh and others-Directions of Hon'ble Supreme court with regard to installation of CCTV cameras in Police Stations- instructions- reg 15-07-2021 Download
Circular 22-2021 Proper Maintenance of CD Files-Instruction Issued-reg 26-06-2021 Download
Circular 20-2021 Police and Public- Interaction through video platform/ video call- Regarding 18-06-2021 Download
Circular 18-2021 Publication of Annual Police and Community Activity Report-Reg 13-06-2021 Download
Circular 17-2021 Welfare of Police Officials- Centre for Employee Enhancement and Development [CEED] Project- Guidelines 06-06-2021 Download
Circular 16-2021 Implementation of Physical Proficiency and Knowledge Proficiency Progress Cards(PPCs) in Basic Training Programme of Sub Inspector Trainees- Reg 28-05-2021 Download
Circular 15-2021 Police Estt :- Deputation of Police Personnel to SISF -Enhancing Posting Criteria- Guidelines issued of -Reg 15-05-2021 Download
Circular 14-2021 Norms for Police Station Buildings 14-05-2021 Download
Circular 13-2021 Different procedure in Investigation and Prosecution laid down by the Hon'ble Supreme Court in Suo Motu Writ(Criminal) No. 1/2017-Compliance of the Order- Instructions-Reg 03-05-2021 Download
Circular 12-2021 Conducting of Preliminary Enquiry-(PE)-Revised instructions-Regarding 23-04-2021 Download
Circular 11-2021 Police Dept.- Handling cases of reported or suspected presence of Radioactive material in the public domain- Guidelines issued for Police Personnel-reg. 17-04-2021 Download
Circular 10-2021 Instructions regarding use of drugs by children 07-10-2021 Download
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