Order Type Order Number Subject Order Date Preview
Circular 10-2015 Instructions for the Effective Implementation of 'Subhayathra' 2015 27-04-2015 Download
Circular 09-2015 Issuance of Identity Certificate for the purpose of grant / renewal of passport facilities instead of declaration - amendment of procedure - Orders issued. 21-04-2015 Download
Circular 08-2015 Salary Determination - Time bound Higher Grade Salary Determination for Typist / Fair Copy Superintendent posts 12-03-2015 Download
Circular 07-2015 Highway Police 07-02-2015 Download
Circular 06-2015 Directions of procedures to be followed while recovering gold and silver 05-02-2015 Download
Circular 05-2015 Maintenance of Dept. Vehicles and MT records - Instructions Issued 13-02-2015 Download
Circular 04-2015 Not Issued 01-08-2015 Download
Circular 03-2015 Not Issued 08-01-2015 Download
Circular 02-2015 Directions of procedures to be followed in the investigation of SC/ST Act Cases 08-01-2015 Download
Circular 01-2015 Functioning of Internal Administrative Processing System reg 09-01-2015 Download
Circular 29-2014 Investigation report and complaints of SC/SCT and others submitting Reg 30-11--0001 Download
Circular 28-2014 Prevention of Traffic Accidents-Instructions issued-Reg: 30-11--0001 Download
Circular 26-2014 Assigning investigation charges to beat officers 30-11--0001 Download
Circular 25-2014 Use and Maintenance of Department Vehicles - Instructions issued 30-11--0001 Download
Circular 24-2014 Communication with media Steps to taken to avoid leakage of Voice Data in cases under investigation 30-11--0001 Download
Circular 23-2014 Uniform of Women Police - Instructions issued 30-11--0001 Download
Circular 22-2014 Compulsory collection of subscription from Police Personnel by Police Associations 30-11--0001 Download
Circular 21-2014 Criminal Cases Involvement of Police Personnel Monitoring and Review Committee 30-11--0001 Download
Circular 20-2014 Direction on Arrest of persons under section 498 A of IPC 30-11--0001 Download
Circular 19-2014 Exemption from other duties to Police Personals of Dog Squads / Kennels instructions issued 30-11--0001 Download
Circular 18-2014 Internal Audit Programmed-IAW-PHQ Audit-guidelines-issued 30-11--0001 Download
Circular 17-2014 Investigation of cases missing person /children Instructions 30-11--0001 Download
Circular 16-2014 Guidelines of Investigation and further steps of cases registered under SC/SCT act. 30-11--0001 Download
Circular 15-2014 6 day Action plan for finilizing the old files reg:- 30-11--0001 Download
Circular 14-2014 Commando Platoons constitutions and assigning of duties -Modification 30-11--0001 Download
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