BODHINI - Child Safety


   Life is beautiful, whether offline or on online spaces. But just like we have traffic safety rules, we need to know about other rules that keep us safe online and offline too.

Child safety nowadays means so much more than just teaching children to not to talk to strangers. Below, we have added some important rules that children should know. These will also help parents to get through difficult situations and to talk to their children about safety. For more information or help, reach out to us.

Teach children that The police are here to help us, because only then will they feel confident about reaching out to us when in trouble or when threatened. Teach them to live a life free of fear by empowering them with safety pointers on staying safe, online and offline.

Guidelines for safety from Bodhini:- Bodhini is an NGO that has been working in the space of online safety, child safety and healing, predominantly in the spaces of sexual violence and abuse.

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Last updated on Wednesday 13th of July 2022 AM