About Kerala

Kerala is a southern Indian state located on the south-western part of the peninsula. The state of Kerala is endowed with rich tropical evergreen forests, beautiful sandy beaches and emerald green palm groves. The lofty Sahyadri range along the length of the state forms its eastern boundary.

The mountains are a heaven for rich biodiversity and is nature's cradle for speciation. Infact, the state language Malayalam derives its etymology from these alluring mountains, wherein, 'mala' means mountain and 'al' means a person. The 580 kilometer long west coast line abutting the Arabian sea, forms the western boundary of the state. Scenic backwaters, fresh water lakes and rivers dot the whole landscape. Kerala state is also known for its high ranking in Human Development Indices. UNDP report on HDI for 2018 has ranked Kerala at the top among all the states in India. The epithet God's own country to Kerala is hence, well deserved. Kerala is also known for having the largest number of expatriate population settled in various parts of the world. High levels of literacy combined with legitimate expectations of high service delivery standards among the citizens pose refreshing challenges to the state administration and the Law enforcement agencies.

Last updated on Thursday 10th of February 2022 PM