Foreigners Registration

1.General Instructions for Registration by the Foreigners

2.Where to Register

3.Foreigners Regional Registration Office (FRRO) / Foreigners Registration Office (FRO) Contacts:

4.Special Categories for Registration 

                a) Pakistan

                b) Afghanistan

5.Registration Related Miscellaneous Services

6.Registration Requirements for Foreign National

7.Certificates to be produced for Registration of Visa

8. Extension of Visa/Supporting Documents

               a)Requirements for Extension of Visa

               b)Documents to be produced

               c)Certificates to be produced

9. Information for Entry Visa (X visa)


              b)Requirements at the time of Registration

              c)Visa Extension

10. Powers Delegated to FRROs/FROs

11. Online Submission of Application for Registration/Visa Extension/Visa Conversion/Long Time Visa (LTV)/Exit Permit/Other Misc. Services


Any Hotel/ Guest House/ Dharmashala/Individual House/ University/ Hospital/ Institute/ Others etc. who provide accommodation to foreigners must submit the details of the residing foreigner in Form C to the Registration authorities within 24 hours of the arrival of the foreigner at their premises. This will help the registration authorities in locating and tracking the foreigners.

The online submission of Form C/Form S could be done after doing the user registration at respective FRRO/FROs.

Steps for User Registration & Approval.

a) Step1: Open the website (

b) Step2: Click on Sign Up (Register)

c) Step3: Click on option 1: Sign Up (Register)

d) Step4: Fill the Online Form using the instructions given and Submit

e) Step5: Print 2 copies of the User Registration Form.

f) Step 6: Visit the respective FRRO/FRO Office and meet the Foreigners Section (D3) and submit the user registration form along with copy of any following documents

  1. Building Tax & Land Tax Receipt from Local Body
  2. Document showing Ownership / Partnership/Trust Deed
  3. Registration/Sanction Certificate from Approval Agencies
  4. Any Other Documents required by FRRO/FRO Office

g) Step7: Administrative/Technical profiling is done

h) Step8: FRRO/FRO will intimate the User Approval through email.

Once got approval from FRRO/FRO, the registered users can submit

Form C at

Form S at


The FORM-C submitting Hotel / Guest House / Dharmashala / Individual House / University / Hospital / Institute / Others should take User Registration from Foreigners Registration Offices of respective district for the same.

Services Provided at FRROs

  • Registration/Visa Services/Misc. Services for Foreigners
  • OCI/PIO Services for Indian Origin Foreigners & their spouses
  • C-Form/S-Form User Registration/Collection Etc.




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