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Circular 22-2020 Planting of trees in Police compound/Land/Premises 16-06-2020 Download
Circular 21-2020 Kerala Police-Maintenance of Camera installed at various places in National Highways 30-05-2020 Download
Circular 20-2020 Kerala Police Best Police Station in the state-Annual Chief Minister’s Trophy for the Best Police Station 18-05-2020 Download
Circular 20(a)-2020 Kerala Police- Annual Chief Minister’s Trophy for the Best Police Station-Issuance of Certificate and Trophy 02-07-2020 Download
Circular 19-2020 Source Information, source Information Report(SIR) Information form credible sources are crucial to fight crime 17-05-2020 Download
Circular 18-2020 "Disposal of Narcotic Drugs, Psychotropic Substances, controlled substances and conveyance (vehicles etc.) involved in NDPS Cases u/s. 52A of the Narcotic Drugs and Psychotropic Substances Act, 1985 (NDPS Act) through State level and District Level Drugs Disposal Committees - Instructions" 07-05-2020 Download
Circular 17-2020 Disposal of Narcotic Drugs, Psychotropic Substances, controlled Substances and conveyances(vehices etc.)involved in NDPS Cases u/s.52A of the Narcotic Drugs and Psuchotropic Substances Act, 1985(NDPS Act) through State level and Psyhotropic Substances Act,1985(NDPS Act) through State level and District Level Drugs Disposal Committees-Change of circular number -Erratum 15-05-2020 Download
Circular 16-2020 Death in which inquest in held- Intimation of death to the Registrars of Corporations/Municipalities/Grama Panchayaths-Instructions issued 28-04-2020 Download
Circular 15-2020 Section 115of the Mental Health Care Act, 2017, when constitute a bar for registering a case U/s. 309 of IPC- Compliance with the provisions of the Mental Health Care Act,2017 17-04-2020 Download
Circular 14-2020 Informing Ministry of External Affairs(MEA) on arrest of foreign nationals 14-04-2020 Download
Circular 13-2020 Production of electronic evidence in the Courts- Forensic guidelines for the Police Officers 05-04-2020 Download
Circular 12-2020 Non -disclosure of Methods of Investigation 15-03-2020 Download
Circular 11-2020 Guidelines for using Twitter Handles of District Police units and Police Officers for interacting with general public 14-03-2020 Download
Circular 10-2020 Police Dept. - Construction of Buildings - Comprehensive Guidelines - Issued 28-02-2020 Download
Circular 09-2020 High Court Directions on Erection of illegal Boards/Banners/Flags/Billboards etc- Instructions issuing of 10-02-2020 Download
Circular 08-2020 Co-operation of Public for Janamaithri Police 03-02-2020 Download
Circular 07-2020 State Resource Centre: Project Children and Police (CAP) ’CAP House’ establish of -instructions 26-01-2020 Download
Circular 06-2020 Year of Women safety- 2020 01-11-2020 Download
Circular 05-2020 Avoidance of delay in furnishing information to the Claims Tribunal - Sections I 59, 160 and 1 66(3) of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 as amended by the Motor Vehicles (Amendment) Act,2019 -instructions 21-01-2020 Download
Circular 04-2020 Assessment of the Criminal Justice System in response to sexual offences- Suo Motu(Criminal No.4/2019- strict compliance of all legal requirements in relation to sexual offences-instruction) 20-01-2020 Download
Circular 03-2020 Sanction for Prosecution other than UA(P)A case-Furnishing of information in a newly designed proforma-Investigation Report 13-01-2020 Download
Circular 02-2020 SHOs Meeting held at KEPA- Improvement of service delivery system in the Police Stations –Monthly SHO Conference – Instructions issuing of -reg 08-01-2020 Download
Circular 01-2020 Information given by women in cognizable cases and recording of statement of women - instructions 03-01-2020 Download
Circular 36-2019 Sanction for prosecution other than UA(P)A cases - Furnishing of information in a newly designed proforma-Investigation Report-Regarding 03-01-2020 Download
Circular 35-2019 Sanction for prosecution under uA(p)A and other Acts Regarding. 01-12-2019 Download
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