State Women CelI


ln order to arrest the atrocities against women in Kerala, the post of Women Deputy Supdt. of Police was upgraded as Women Supdt. of Police as per recommendations of the Legislative Assembly of Kerala, especially the 7th Estimate Committee (1991-93) and a G.O was issued vide G. O. (Rt) No. 2504/g4/Home Dtd. Tvpm t5/1,1,194. The post was brought under the Police Headquarters in the year 1gg4 itself and also formed SPecial Cell in each districts as District Women Cell. Smt. M Padmini Amma was elevated to the post of Woman Supdt. Of Police as per the above order. Thereafter, according to another G.O issued as G. O. (nt) No. 5494/96/GAD; Dtd 25/06/96 Tvpm, the order dated 19.11.1994, there was further modification and the post was made an IPS cadre post. Therefore, the earlier order had become invalid and as per the present Rule 9 of the IPS (Pay) Rule, 1954, the post of Supdt. Police (lpS), State Women.s Cell became equal to post of Supdt of Police, CBCID. Smt. Neera Rawath IPS took charge as Supdt. Of Police, State Women.s Cell.
Sri. E K Nayanar, the Chief Minister of Kerala, on  07/ 11/96 had officially declared it’s functioning. As per G.O (MS) No. 268/l95/Home, Dtd. Tvpm, 25.08.1995, each Women Cell consists of 1- WCl, 1-WSl, 1-HC, 4 Women Constables. As per G. O (MS) No. 38/97l Home Dtd. Tvpm 21,102197, the staff strength of State Women Cell was made 1- DySP,2-C\,2- Sl,3 - H C,9 –W Police Constables, 1 - J S, 1 - U DC, 1 - CA, and 1 - Typist and it wasestablished to meet the needs of protecting women.s rights and related matters.

 As per Police Headquarters Circular No. 11/96, the Women Cell.s line of action was outlined and the most important case registered against violence on women were mentioned and the complaints received were resolved as soon as possible. Those complaints that were not registered at police stations has to be monitored by the Women Cell and the complaints received were forwarded to the District Police Chiefs. ln such cases, the DPCs on receipt of such complaints must be forwarded to respective police stations and get cases registered. Moreover, the Women.s Cell has to monitor that if, any delay or short comings have happened on the part of investigations, corrections have to be made by the concerned. Also, the Women.s Cell, in association with Women.s Forum and NGOs should take steps to reduce their grievances of women. lt is also mandatory to provide training for the police on the issues of atrocities against women. For each District Women Cell, there is 1- Cl, 1- Sl, 2 - WHC, 2 - Women Constable. For the 19 districts, there are Women Cells and they are under the control of women Police lnSPector. ln the districts, the Assistant commissioner of Police / Deputy supdt. of Police of the District Crime Branch has to monitor the Women Cell.
The State Women.s Cell is constituted of Supdt. of Police (lPS) as head of the Unit along with, 1 - DySP, 3 -WSI, 4-WSCPO, 9-W CPO, 1 - LDC, 1 - CA, 1- Typist. Family counselling has to be provided for addressing family issues with the help of the trained family counsellors of the Social Justice Dept, Govt. of Kerala.

Apart from this, currently, self defence training classes, women issue awareness classes, Help to the victims of crimes and classes on getting statements from Pocso case victims, counselling and Legal Advice in the child abuse cases are done by Women.s Cell. The Women.s Cell officials are visiting colonies wherever instances of atrocities are found and actions are being taken to resolve/settle the diSPutes/cases and thereby, intervention of women cell, atrocities against women, family diSPutes and problems are minimized.
While attending to the duties and reSPonsibilities  ontained in the Circular No. 11/96, some sort of confusion has come up relating to the functioning of state women cell. After 1996, the atrocities against women increased in the state. A new circular as No. 13/2019 has been issued to tone up the administrative functions to be carried out by the SP, Women Cell. ln this circular, the SP, women cell needs to function as the staff officer to DGP and assist the DGP in terms of plans, policies, ormulation etc. relating to. Women issues of policing. ln the said Circular, it is also mentioned that the Counsellors attached to the state women cell can be used by the Tvpm city  ounselling Cell on need basis (if they are free), for which the DPC, Tvpm City has to make a request to the SP women cell. This will not be a regular practice, but to be resorted on need basis. The SP, Women cell will monitor the occurrence, pendency oi under investigation cases, arrests, non - arrests, charge sheeting within prescribed time limits in cases of atrocities against women by monitoring the figures. SCRB/DPCs will furnish figures of 376, 302, 307, 326, 498(A) & 304 (B) IPC cases monthly/weekly to SP women cell, who will brief/alert SPC about correctiveaction needed.



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