Police Districts

For the proper administration the geographical area of state is divided as 19 police districts as five Commissionarates and 14 police districts units as shown above. Thiruvananthapuram City and Kochi City are headed by District Police Chiefs of the rank of Inspector Generals of Police whereas heads of remaining police district units are headed by the rank of Superintendent of Police.

The City Commissionarates are assisted by Deputy Commissioner of Police of the rank of Deputy Inspector Generals of Police. All District Police officers are assisted by Assistant or Deputy Superintendents of Police (in city as Assistant Commissioners of Police) commonly designated as Sub Divisional Police Officers, each in charge of a Sub Division. A Sub Division is further divided into Circles, of which Circle Inspectors are in charge, and a Circle is subdivided into Police Station areas, each of which is under a sub Inspector with Head Constables and Constables and if necessary an additional Sub Inspector to assist him. Some Police Stations have outposts attached to them, each of which is manned by a Head Constable assisted by some Constables.

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