Order Type Order Number Subject Order Date Preview
CIRCULAR 02-2024 Conduct of police officers towards the public - regarding issuance of guidelines 30-01-2024 Download
CIRCULAR 01-2024 Regarding Group Insurance Scheme - Documents to be sent along with Claim Settlement Proposals 27-01-2024 Download
CIRCULAR 13-2023 WP(c) 943/2021 filed by Ashwini Kumar Upadhyay Vs. Union of India appointment of Nodal Officers-reg. 13-10-2023 Download
CIRCULAR 12-2023 Police Welfare Bureau (PWB) – Regarding Lifetime Membership of Retired / Retiring Police Officers - Updated instructions. 16-09-2023 Download
CIRCULAR 11-2023 Regarding submission of income tax anticipatory statement for the financial year 2023-24 by police headquarters employees 02-08-2023 Download
CIRCULAR 10-2023 Police Welfare Bureau (PWB) – Regarding Lifetime Membership of Retired / Retiring Police Officers 21-07-2023 Download
CIRCULAR 09-2023 Ensuring timely justice and legal assistance to the victim in sexual assault and child abuse cases - instructions issued - reg. 29-06-2023 Download
CIRCULAR 08-2023 Regarding the processing of leave applications of police department employees through SPARK 24-06-2023 Download
Circular 07-2023 Participation in artistic and literary activities without prior permission of the Government-reg 27-04-2023 Download
Circular 06-2023 Regarding issuance of guidelines for arrangement of interest free loan and sanction of medical re-imbursement 24-02-2023 Download
Circular 05-2023 Destruction and Damage to Public Properties in the name of agitations, bandhs, hartals etc. – directions issued by the Hon’ble Supreme Court to be strictly complied with - instructions issued – reg 18-02-2023 Download
Circular 04-2023 Notice U/s 41(A) CrPC notice - modified instructions issued - reg: 14-02-2023 Download
Circular 03-2023 Police department - Regarding the guidelines for registration of attendance through SPARK linked biometric punching system at Police Headquarters 21-01-2023 Download
Circular 02-2023 Processing requests for refunding of amounts paid against e-Challans issued by Police in traffic petty cases - Reg. 11-01-2023 Download
Circular 01-2023 New service introduced in iAPS for submitting service grievances 03-01-2023 Download
Circular 25-2022 FSL Examination-DNA profiling in all murder/unnatural death/rape cases-instruction-reg 21-11-2022 Download
Circular 24-2022 Arrest Records-Maintenance of Bail Bond Register in Police Stations 15-11-2022 Download
Circular 23-2022 Police Department- Issuing Administrative Sanction - Instruction reg :- 14-10-2022 Download
Circular 21-2022 Measures to instruct the public to prevent public violence against stray dogs 15-09-2022 Download
Circular 20-2022 Temporary Advance Drawal and Delayed regularization of Final bills - Levy on Interest - instructions - reg. 06-08-2022 Download
Circular 19-2022 Regarding the proper use of police station vehicles - issuing guidelines 08-06-2022 Download
Circular 18-2022 In the Order of High Court of Kerala dated 20.05.2022 in WP(C) 22276/2021- reg. 02-06-2022 Download
Circular 17-2022 Conducting Inquest of dead body during night hours - instructions issued-reg. 01-06-2022 Download
Circular 16-2022 Kerala Police Department - Circular determining the responsibilities of camp followers - Amendment-Regarding 04-05-2022 Download
Circular 15-2022 'Certificate of Non-involvement in Offences'- U/s 59 of the Kerala Police Act, 2011 in place of the existing Police Clearance Certificates (PCC) issued by the Kerala Police to the Citizens of India for job/other purposes within India- Issuance of revised guidelines -reg. 12-05-2022 Download
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