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Circular 46-2020 Police Dept. - Package Insurance Policy to Department Vehicles - Instructions issued of - Reg. 05-01-2021 Download
Circular 45-2020 Investigation of cases in Vanitha PSs- Instructions- reg 28-12-2020 Download
Circular 44-2020 Crime review and conduct of crime conferences- instructions- reg 26-12-2020 Download
Circular 43-2020 Kerala Police Website- Content and Updation 07-12-2020 Download
Circular 42-2020 Police Dept- Chief Minister’s Police Medal- revised Guidelines issued- reg. 20-11-2020 Download
Circular 41-2020 Kerala Police-Police Dept.-Mandatory action by Police in case of crime against women 13-11-2020 Download
Circular 40-2020 Kerala Police Dept.-Publish of Circulars / important orders in the Official website of Kerala Police-Guidelines modified 19-10-2020 Download
Circular 39-2020 NDPS Cases-investigations-informant/Complainant and the investigation officer can be be same person- directions for the conduct of a fair investigations 02-10-2020 Download
Circular 38-2020 The Protection of Children from Sexual Offences Rules, 2020 –Compliance instruction reg 24-09-2020 Download
Circular 37-2020 Not issued 12-11-2020 Download
Circular 36-2020 Early access to Judicial Protocol – ensuring legal assistance to the suspects and arrestees 19-09-2020 Download
Circular 35-2020 Kerala Police-Introducing Kerala Police Shooting Badge-reg 05-08-2020 Download
Circular 34-2020 iAPS- 31-08-2020 Download
Circular 33-2020 Hon’ble Supreme Court Judgement in WP(Civil No.382 of 20132amending in effect Exception2 of Sec.375 of the IPC,1860 –Invoking appropriate provisions under the POCSO Act,2012 in cases related to child marriages. 09-03-2020 Download
Circular 32-2020 Cases for Investigation by Crime Branch-Modification 17-08-2020 Download
Circular 32(a)-2020 Cases for Investigation by Crime Branch-Modification 19-08-2020 Download
Circular 31-2020 Kerala police Dept.; Performance Matrix for Evaluating Police Station Performance 14-11-2020 Download
Circular 30-2020 Removal of Arrestee details from the Official Website of Kerala Police 12-08-2020 Download
Circular 29-2020 Confidential 11-11-2019 Download
Circular 28-2020 Grouping of Officers for Communication from Police Headquarters 17-11-2020 Download
Circular 27-2020 Kerala Police-Child Friendly Spaces in Police Stations 10-08-2020 Download
Circular 26-2020 Kerala Police-Filling of Crime cases before Gram Nyayalayas 31-07-2020 Download
Circular 25-2020 National Police Memorial Memento 23-07-2020 Download
Circular 24-2020 Confidential 11-11-2020 Download
Circular 23-2020 Not issued 13-11-2020 Download
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