Highway Police


This system was introduced in the Kerala Police vide PHQ Circular No.9/02, dated 09/08/02 and order No. U6-51825/02, dated 08/05/03 respectively with objectives controlling Traffic, enforcement of Traffic Laws, prevention of Road Accidents, providing immediate attention and assistance to victims of accidents, handling of Law & Order issues, and enforcement of Laws on Highways, etc. Each Highway Police Vehicle is assigned an 'Operational area' and a Base Station. The Officers and men are deployed for duty in the Highway Police from various Police Stations in the District.

The duties and responsibilities of the Highway Police Personnel are:

  • Traffic Enforcement with a view to avoid road accidents and bring immediate relief to victims of accident.
  • Traffic control at the places where there are chances of traffic jams at and places where people gather in large numbers such as Schools, Places of Worship, Hospitals etc.
  • Attend to all L&O issues on the Highways.
  • Attend any distress call from any person on Highway.
  • Check for any illicit transportation of contraband articles, smuggling of goods, stolen vehicles etc.
  • Attend to all information regarding crimes of trivial in nature on the Highways in time.
  • To render assistance to the traveling public on the Highways, as and when needed with care and courtesy.
  • Act as a moving Police Station to help public etc.

At present a total of 44 Highway Police Patrols are functioning along all the important Roads in Kerala. New Innova Vehicles are used for the purpose. Each Vehicle carries various Records, Arms, and other traffic-related equipments (including stretchers, First-Aids, Boxes, Traffic Enforcement items, etc.).

Each Vehicle has been provided with a Wireless Set and a Mobile Phone for easy communication.

In addition to this, a Highway Alert Number 9846 100 100 has been widely publicized, and any person can contact this number to get the assistance of the Highway Police round the clock.

In the last many years, the Highway Police helped in averting many major accidents, provided timely medical help to a large number of accident victims in odd hours, detected many Crime cases and arrested criminals. The success story continues.

Last updated on Friday 27th of November 2020 PM