Watch and Ward


ln order to arrest the atrocities against women in Kerala, the post of Women Deputy Supdt. of Police was upgraded as Women Supdt. of Police as per recommendations of the Legislative Assembly of Kerala, especially the 7th Estimate Committee (1991-93) and a G.O was issued vide G. O. (Rt) No. 2504/g4/Home Dtd. Tvpm t5/1,1,194.

Watch and Ward unit is the security wing of the State Legislature. The personnel of the Watch & Ward unit are appointed in the Legislature Secretariat on deputation basis from the State Police Department. They work under the general directions and control of the Hon'ble Speaker and the Secretary to Legislature. The Chief Marshal is the head of Watch and Ward unit, who is assisted by one Additional Chief Marshal, 4 Marshals, 10 Sergeants, 86 Sergeant Assistants and 6 Woman Sergeant Assistants.

The Marshals Sergeants and Sergeant Assistants will be in White Uniform issued to them during the time of duty in the Legislature Secretariat and in the Legislature Hostel. Normally Chief Marshal is an officer in the Rank of Superintendent of Police/Commandant of Police. Additional Chief Marshal is in the Rank of Deputy Superintendent of Police/Assistant Commandant Marshal, Sergeant, Sergeant Assistant/Woman Sergeant in the Rank of Sub Inspector, Senior Civil Police Officer, Civil Police Officer respectively. Watch & Ward handles security and safety of Legislature Complex including MLAs’Hostel. They also provide private security to Hon'ble Speaker and Hon'ble Deputy Speaker in the Assembly premises.

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