IAPS -Internal Administrative Processing System

iAPS is a web based application to be used in the Administrative Offices and Subordinate Offices of Police Department. The intention of the project is to make the activities in the Department more transparent both with the public and with the Police Personnel itself. The software is developed by Kerala State IT Mission through KELTRON. The Project has been sanctioned under State Plan Projects for the year 2010-2011 as per GO(Rt) No. 2178/2010/Home dtd 30/06/2010. The project has been implemented throughout the department through State Crime Record Bureau, Thiruvananthapuram.


Resource Persons

Name Email ID Mobile Number
N Sanal Kumar, Senior Superinendent, Police Headquarters Thiruvananthapuram spark.pol@kerala.gov.in , dmusz2spark.pol@kerala.gov.in 9497965360, 9497900577
A P Anvar, Junior Superintendent, Police Headquarters Thiruvananthapuram dmusz1spark.pol@kerala.gov.in 9497965363
Benny Thomas, Junior Superintendent, MSP, Malappuram dmunz1spark.pol@kerala.gov.in 9497965361
K Preman, Cashier, Kannur City dmunz2spark.pol@kerala.gov.in 9497965362


iAPS -Contact Details of Password Administrators for Districts and Special Units
SL No PEN Name Designation and Offices Email ID Contact Number Units Authorised
1 317247 Jyothish Kumar P S Sr Clerk, PHQ jyothishcpo@gmail.com 9497900080 PHQ, CB HQ, FSL
2 144760 Baiju Mathew SS, SBCID HQ baijumathew@ymail.com 9447102003 SBCID HQ and All Ranges of SBCID, Railway HQ
3 163466 Bijoy V S Clerk, SAP bijoydpo@gmail.com 9495279085   SAP, APBN HQ,PTC, SISF, Woman Police Battalion
4 437222 Sivakumar P Sr Clerk, Tele HQ sivakumarp829@gmail.com 9895773115 SCRB, Tele
5 117061 Sunil Kumar A G JS, CPO Tvm agsunilbkm@gmail.com 9995073443 Thiruvananthapuram City, SPSTU, Range Tvm
6 715678 Nikhil S Sr Clerk, Tvm Rural sasidaranikhil@gmail.com 9497905220
Thiruvananthapuram Rural
7 819358 Ananthu Sunil Clerk, CPO Kollam ananthusunil96@gmail.com 9497941631 Kollam City, CB Kollam
8 716975 Akhil V Kumar Clerk, DPO Kollam Rural avkumar0096@gmail.com 9946182176 Kollam Rural
9 171963 Riyas R Clerk, DPO Pathanamthitta riyasraheem@gmail.com 9496325280
Pathanamthitta, KAP III
10 182590 Devan Sali V Clerk, Alappuzha devansali@gmail.com 9497910077
Alappuzha, CB Alappuzha
11 189562 Jobimon Sr Clerk, DPO Kottayam jobychachan@gmail.com 9400040064
Kottayam, CB Kotayam
12 327176 Devasia P D Sr Clerk, DPO Idukki sibypullikkattil@gmail.com 9497913267  
Idukki, CB Idukki, KAP 5
13 264027 Jothish K S Sr Clerk, CPO Kochi jothishks@gmail.com 9497915261 Kochi City, CB, Range Kochi
14 394776 Shaiju Thomas P SGT, DPO Eranakulam Rural spalattil@gmail.com 9497366779 Ernakulam Rural
15 588724 Salim T M Sr Clerk, CPO Thrissur salimtm@gmail.com 9497918336 Thrissur City, CB Thrissur, KAP I, Range, Thrissur
16 109677 Rethy Gopinath Sr Clerk, DPO Thrissur Rural rethyhareesh1981@gmail.com 9497941714
Thrissur Rural, KEPA, IRB
17 267198 Devadasan R AO, DPO Palakkad ozhuvupara@ymail.com 9497965321 Palakkad, KAP II Palakkad, Crime Branch Palakkad
18 119266 Muhammed Sadiq K P Cashier, DPO Malappuram saaadkp@gmail.com 9497345960 Malappuram, MSP Malappuram, RRRF Pandikkad,
Crime Branch Malappuram
19 139894 Jabir M Sr Clerk, CPO Kozhikkode jabirmadathil@gmail.com 9497923358
Kozhikkode City, North Zone, Kozhikkode,
Crime Branch Kozhikkode
20 306751 Nimesh V Sr Clerk, DPO Kozhikkode Rural nimeshvvv@gmail.com 9497925055  Kozhikkode Rural
21 143127 Tomy Xavier Sr Clerk, DPO Wayanad tomy_xavier@yahoo.co.in 9497925787 Wayanad
22 121453 Biju N K Sr Clerk, DPO Kannur biju.nok@gmail.com 9961854273 Kannur, Crime Branch Kannur & Kasaragod,
KAP IV, Range Office, Kannur, RFSL, Kannur
23 318366 Bindu M SGT, DPO Kasaragod bindupradeep72@gmail.com 9497970243

SPARK - Service and Payroll Administrative Repository for Kerala

Thiruvananthapuram SPARK PMU   0471-2579700         Download SPARK Froms  

The project started in Police Department from July 2007 onwards. For the first time in this Department, the project had been succesfully implemented in Police Head Quarters in August 2007 itself. Thereafter continuous Training Programme had been arranged in this Department and by April 2009 all offices in Police Department throughout the State had processed their monthly Salary Bills through SPARK. The following members of Police Department are functioning as Nodal Officer and Department Management Users for monitoring the Project.

SPARK Nodal Officer

N. Sanal Kumar
Senior Superinendent, Police Headquarters Thiruvananthapuram

SPARK Help Desk In Police Department

Name Designation Email Phone
Sanal Kumar . N SPARK Nodal Officer and DMU
Senior Superinendent,  Police Headquarters Thiruvananthapuram
spark.pol@kerala.gov.in , dmusz2spark.pol@kerala.gov.in,   9497965360, 9497900577
Anvar . A .P DMU SZ-1
Jr. Superintendent, Telecommunication, Thiruvananthapuram
dmusz1spark.pol@kerala.gov.in 9497965363
Benny Thomas DMU NZ-1
Junior Superintendent, MSP, Malappuram
dmunz1spark.pol@kerala.gov.in 9497965361
Preman .K DMU NZ-2
Cashier, KAP-4, Kannur
District Police Office Kannur
dmunz2spark.pol@kerala.gov.in 9497965362


Name Of Office Mobile Number Land Line
Treasury Directorate 9496383764 0497-2707722
Thiruvananthapuram 9496383741 0471-2330367
Kattakkada 9496383742 0471-2290262
Kollam 9496383743 0471-2793553
Kottarakkara 9496383744 0474-2454832
Pathanamthitta 9496383745 0468-2222402
Alappuzha 9496383746 0477-2239889
Chengannur 9496383747 0479-2452028
Kottayam 9496383748 0481-2562281
Pala 9496383749 0482-2212805
Idukki 9496383750 0486-2252004
Ernakulam 9496383751 0484-2422586
Muvattupuzha 9496383752 0485-2814962
Thrissur 9496383753 0487-2360348
Irinjalakuda 9496383763 0480-2831996
Palakkad 9496383754 0491-2534236
Cherpulassery 9496383761 0466-2281087
Malappuram 9496383755 0483-2734459
Kozhikode 9496383756 0495-2370720
Thamarassery 9496383757 0495-2222254
Wayanad 9496383758 04936-202639
Kannur 9496383759 0497-2700683
Mattannur 9496383762 0490-2471007
Kasaragod 9496383760 04994-255181
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