Police Associations

In 1979 the Central Government had given approval for the formation of Police associations and on the basis of the above decision on August 16, 1979 the Kerala Police Association was formed and the same was approved by the Government on March 22, 1980. There are three organisations in the Kerala Police. The Kerala Police Association (comprising members from constabulary/Civil Police Officers and Senior Civil Police Officers), Kerala Police Officers Association (comprising of Assistant Sub-Inspectors to Circle Inspectors level) and Kerala Police Officers Association (members of the rank of Deputy Superintendent of Police and Superintendent of Police - Non IPS).

District-wise Staff Councils and a State Staff Council are constituted with nominated members from these three organisations. The main aim of these organisations is the redressal of grievances of the members of the organisation, improvement of service conditions and co-ordination of welfare measures. The Associations also play a major role in building up community relations. Kerala Police Association publishes a monthly magazine which has become popular.

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