Frequently Asked Questions

1.How do I get a crime case registered?

Please go to the nearest police station and inform the police orally or with a written complaint about the occurrence of a crime.

2.Can the police refuse to register a crime case?

The police cannot refuse to register an FIR if case a cognizable offence is made out. This is so even if the offence falls under a different jurisdiction. The police will have to register an FIR and transfer it to the respective police station.

3.Whether the complainant has to sign the FIR?

Yes, the person giving information relating to the commission of a cognizable offence has to sign the FIR as per section 154(1) CrPC.

4.Whether a copy of the FIR, registered on my complaint be provided to me?

Yes, a copy of the FIR shall be provided to the informant free of cost as per section 154(2) CrPC. Alternatively, one can download the FIR copy from Kerala Police website by using the E-FIR option.

5.Other than FIR, do I have to put signature in a statement recorded by the police during investigation of the case?

The witness statements recorded by the Police as part of investigation need not be signed by the witness concerned as prescribed by the provisions under section 162 CrPC.

6.Whether police can summon a lady/girl/child to the police station?

Section 160 CrPC authorizes a police officer making an investigation to require the attendance before himself of any person, who appears to be acquainted with the circumstance of the case. However, no male under 15 years of age or no women of any age shall be asked to attend at any place other than the place in which such male or woman resides.

7.Whether I have to make any payment for reporting or filing a case?

No payment is required to be made for filing a complaint or case with the police.

8.How can I join police?

A person can join Kerala police in the following ways:

All the posts in Kerala Police are filled up through recruitment conducted by the Kerala Public Service Commission.

9.Can I send a compliant by email?

Yes, a complaint can be given to the police through email. The details of contact are given in the concerned district website under the menu contacts.

10.Can I give a compliant over phone?

Telephonic complaints in matters of emergency are taken up for action by police to ensure safety and security of persons and their belongings. However, a telephonic complaint cannot be usually reduced to a First Information Statement (FIS) because an FIS has to be signed by the complainant/ informant, which becomes the basis for the FIR. Telephonic communication suffers from lack of authentic information regarding the complainant/ informant. An anonymous or pseudonymous caller may want to lodge vexatious complaints without any accountability. Hence, it is always encouraged to file a formal complaint before the Police after the emergency situation is over.

11.Whether it is an offence to lodge a false report to the police?

Lodging a false report with the police is made punishable under section 182 and 211 IPC.

12.Can the Court interfere with the police investigation?

The powers of the court to interfere at the stage of investigation by the police are indeed limited. However, courts with jurisdiction over the area of offence may receive various applications from the parties concerned in matter like bails, etc.

13.I would like to use loudspeakers for a public function. Where should apply for permission for the same?

The permission for use of loud speakers may be obtained from the concerned DySsP/Sub Divisional Police Officers concerned. An application should be submitted along with a challan of Rs.500/- through Kerala Government e-treasury website. Requisite documents such as NOC from the owner of the premises/vehicle, vehicle registration/insurance certificate and details such as approximate number of persons who would participate, vehicle route details, mike supplier details, etc., should also be enclosed with the application. Application should be submitted at least two weeks before the event. Violation of conditions of mike permission is a punishable offence.

Last updated on Monday 25th of May 2020 PM