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QUOTATION_NOTICE C1-10399/2023/EC-44 Sealed quotations are invited for the supply of Executive Shoes 25-05-2023 Download
QUOTATION_NOTICE Quotation Notice_E1-27394/2023/DR-507 Quotation Notice for the Supply of Food Items for Dogs in K9 Quad Kozhikode Rural 25-05-2023 Download
QUOTATION_NOTICE Quotation Notice_C1-5887/2022/FSL-784 Sealed quotations are invited for the “ Purchase of Helium gas with 99.9995% purity for Chemistry Division of RFSL,Kochi ”. 24-05-2023 Download
PROCLAMATION E3-32118/2023/T Proclamation of unclaimed vehicles 16-05-2023 Download
AUCTION 2(b)-10981/2023/A Auction of vehicles included in the NDPS act cases 15-05-2023 Download
AUCTION D2(b)-10981/2023/A Auction of vehicles involved in NDPS act cases 15-05-2023 Download
AUCTION E2-79041/2022/P Auction of unusable department vehicles 12-05-2023 Download
PROCLAMATION Statements_E3-32118/2023/T-426 Proclamation of unclaimed vehicles 06-05-2023 Download
AUCTION Statements_B1-16439/2023/W-404 Auction of Trees 06-05-2023 Download
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