Order Type Order Number Subject Order Date Preview
QUOTATION_NOTICE Statements_E1-64085/2020/E-851 Quotation for the purchase of Chemicals to District Forensic Science Laboratory,Ernakulam Rural. 14-09-2021 Download
QUOTATION_NOTICE Statements_H5-135149/2021/PHQ-291 Quotation Notice No.80/2021 for the purchase of one no. of vacuum cleaner 14-09-2021 Download
QUOTATION_NOTICE Statements_E1(a)-51386/2021/EC-885 Sealed quotations are invited for the purchase of Steel Almirah 13-09-2021 Download
AUCTION E2-9351/2020/KAP-IV Auction of unusable department vehicle 11-09-2021 Download
AUCTION E2(a)-47349/2021/E Auction of unusable department vehicles 09-09-2021 Download
AUCTION Statements_SK-24716/2020/M-855 Auction of unusable batteries 07-09-2021 Download
AUCTION Statements_D2-61676/2021/P-472 Auction of unclaimed vehicles 07-09-2021 Download
AUCTION G1(a)-23522/2021/QR Auction of unclaimed vehicles in Kollam Rural 07-09-2021 Download
AUCTION Statements_SK-14520/2021/M-734 Auction of unusable shutter(10 nos) in MSP 06-09-2021 Download
TENDER Statements_H6-181333/2018/PHQ-218 CORRIGENDUM- The last date for submission of Tender for the INTEGRATED DIGITAL TRAFFIC 12.07.2021) (Tender ID : 2021_KP_429850_1) is extended 06-09-2021 Download
AUCTION E2-14009/2021/KAP-IV Auction of unusable tyres, tubes and waste oil 06-09-2021 Download
AUCTION E2-15105/2021/KAP-II Auction of unusable tyres, tubes, flaps and waste oil 04-09-2021 Download
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