Order Type Order Number Subject Order Date Preview
Circular 32-2015 When issuing salary certificates to Executive / Ministerial employees of the Police Department 19-08-2015 Download
Circular 31-2015 Regarding timely action of GPF applications 05-08-2015 Download
Circular 30-2015 Pension- Short comings noted instructions for strict compliance 30-07-2015 Download
Circular 29-2015 A service help desk will be set up at the police headquarters 30-07-2015 Download
Circular 28-2015 Precautions to be taken when recovering stolen valuables such as gold and silver 01-07-2015 Download
Circular 27-2015 Pending Arrears short coming fund – instructions for strict Compliance 08-07-2015 Download
Circular 26-2015 Fuel Bills - inadequencies found – instructions for strict compliance 08-07-2015 Download
Circular 25-2015 Granting of increments - short comings noted - instructions for strict compliance 10-07-2015 Download
Circular 24-2015 Complaints Redressal Committee against sexual harassment women at work places – Instructions issued 03-07-2015 Download
Circular 23-2015 Regarding the appearance of police officers in courts 23-06-2015 Download
Circular 22-2015 Regarding sound pollution control 17-06-2015 Download
Circular 21-2015 Guidelines for giving treatment and aids to Police Officials 17-06-2015 Download
Circular 20-2015 Steps to be taken in case of missing or abduction 14-06-2020 Download
Circular 19-2015 School of Hygiene - Safe School Phase II Regarding giving follow-up instructions 08-06-2015 Download
Circular 18-2015 Regarding the submission of an investigation report on complaints against police officers 15-06-2015 Download
Circular 17-2015 Instructions for implementing Clean Campus Safe Campus - Phase2 08-06-2015 Download
Circular 16-2015 Guidelines for giving escort to the prisoners to court 06-06-2015 Download
Circular 15-2015 Guidelines for Police Officials to Present before the court 01-06-2015 Download
Circular 14-2015 Wearing of Kerala Police Patches by Police Officials 30-05-2015 Download
Circular 13-2015 State Police Chief's Award of Excellence in Policing (Confidential)( Contact webadminscrb.pol@kerala.gov.in for details) 26-05-2015 Download
Circular 12-2015 Instructions for the investigation of cases of missing person/children 01-05-2015 Download
Circular 11-2015 Kerala Police - Proper Maintenance of Dept. Vehicles - Guide lines Issued. 07-05-2015 Download
Circular 10-2015 Instructions for the Effective Implementation of 'Subhayathra' 2015 27-04-2015 Download
Circular 09-2015 Issuance of Identity Certificate for the purpose of grant / renewal of passport facilities instead of declaration - amendment of procedure - Orders issued. 04-11-2015 Download
Circular 08-2015 Salary Determination - Time bound Higher Grade Salary Determination for Typist / Fair Copy Superintendent posts 03-11-2015 Download
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