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The FINGER PRINT BUREAU is and important scientific investigation wing of the Kerala Police which helps various investigative agencies of Police Force in their fight against criminal activities.  Apart from Kerala Police, the service of Kerala State Finger print Bureau is being utilised by Central Police organisations like CBI, NIA etc.  and, also by other state Police forces.  The working of the Finger Print Bureau is unique among the scientific investigation wings.  Conviction details of all persons convicted in the state of Kerala are kept in the Kerala State Finger Print Bureau along with their finger prints.


Travancore Finger print Bureau, the fore-runner of Kerala State Finger Print Bureau was started in the erstwhile state of Travancore on 02- 05- 1900 by THEN MAHARAJA SREE MOOLAM THIRUNAL.  The Finger Print records of the neighbouring state of Cochin (started in September 1905) were amalgamated to the Travancore Bureau and came to be known as Travancore- Cochin bureau from 30.06.1950.  When the Kerala state was formed in 1956, the Kerala state finger print bureau started its function by infusing the finger print records of the Malabar district along with the Travancore-cochin bureau.  It is worthwhile to note that the first finger print bureau in the world was started in 1897 in Calcutta.


 Kerala state Finger Print Bureau of the Police Department is headed by a Director and functions directly under the Additional Director General of police, State Crime Records Bureau.  The Bureau comprises of the State Finger Print Bureau at Thiruvananthapuram, and nineteen district /city finger print bureaux (known as Single Digit Finger Print Bureaux) at district/ city levels.


 Finger Print Bureau has two wings.( One)- State Finger Print Bureau head quarted at Thiruvananthapuram and (two)-single digit finger print Bureaux in each police districts.

The main functions of State Finger print Bureau,  

1.    Recording of finger print slips of the convicted persons of the all over the Kerala.
2.    Verification of previous convictions of the arrested persons of all over Kerala.
3.    O.V. search- used to find out present location of an ex-convict.
4.    Identification of unidentified dead bodies.
5.    Document comparison- comparison of thumb impressions in documents in criminal and civil cases- documents / registers received from the courts/ registration depts.../ post offices etc.


Application for Expert opinion shall be forwarded through a court of law to the Director, Finger print Bureau, Thiruvananthapuram with following documents.

a.    Standard requisition form.
b.    Original document for comparison.
c.    Original chalan of remittance of fee.

The applicant should remit Rs. 5515/- for expert opinion and rs. 110/- for each print to be compared as photographic fee in any Govt. treasury under the head of Account

 When an expert summoned by the court in civil cases, the appearance fee has to be paid as follows:

One day salary of the expert concerned plus RS. 110/- for each day of his/her absence from the office in the above head of account.  Additionally, the applicable T.A. /D.A due to the Expert should be paid by the applicant by means of Money order/DD directly to the Expert.

The main functions of Single Digit Finger Print Bureaux

Scene of crime inspection as per the request of the concerned SHOs.  and collect evidences/chance prints.  Identify the chance prints as that of culprits.  Giving expert opinions before the court of law. Maintain the records of the culprits of the concerned districts.

Direct Public Service Rendered by the Finger Print Bureau

Attestation of Finger Prints for the immigration or other purposes.

The immigration departments of several countries require police clearance certificate for which attested finger print of the immigrant is required. Such immigrants may approach the Tester Inspectors of the concerned district finger print units with a written request on white paper for taking their finger prints and attest the same.  They have to remit Rs. 1105/-( Rs. 110/-for additional copy) in any Govt. treasury under the head of account 0055-00-501-99 .  The following documents are to be produced at the Finger print bureau.

1.    An application addressed to the Tester Inspector, Single digit Finger print Bureau.
2.    Original challan of remittance of fee.
3.    Valid passport with copies of relevant pages.
4.    Proof of  residence like ration card/ electoral card/ driving license(with copies)
5.    Two passport size photographs (extra for additional copies).

The applicant has to appear in person before the officers concerned and get their finger prints recorded and attested. For further clarification please contact the Tester Inspector of the concerned districts in the following mb.nos.

Sl No District Mobile No
1 Thiruvananthapuram city 94 97 97 59 32
2 Thiruvananthapuram rural 94 97 97 59 33
3 Kollam city 94 97 97 59 34
4 Kollam rural 94 97 97 59 60
5 Alapuzha 94 97 97 59 35
6 Pathanamthitta 94 97 97 59 36
7 Kottayam 94 97 97 59 37
8 Idukki 94 97 97 59 38
9 Kochi city 94 97 97 59 39
10 Ernakulam rural 94 97 97 59 40
11 Thrissur city 94 97 96 26 42
12 Thrissur rural  94 97 97 59 41
13 Palakkad  94 97 97 59 42
14 Malappuram 94 97 97 59 43
15 Kozhikode city 94 97 97 59 44
16 Kozhikode rural 94 97 97 59 45
17 Wayanad 94 97 97 59 46
18 Kannur  94 97 97 59 47
19 Kasaragod 94 97 97 59 48


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