Digital Telecommunication System

Kerala Police Telecommunication is switching from Analog communication to Digital communication. Digital Mobile Radio Tier 3 is being planned to be implemented across the state to improve police communication system. Kerala Police will be first Police Force in India to implement DMR Tier 3. Piolet Project for the same is being implemented in Thrissur District.

  • Meets 12.5kHz channel spacing and 6.25kHz regulatory equivalency standards
  • Two slot Time Division Multiple Access (TDMA)
  • 4 level FSK modulation
  • Cutting edge Forward Error Correction (FEC)
  • Commercial ETSI / TIA specs mean rugged performance and excellent service in RF congested urban environments
  • Equipment interoperability is certified by the DMR Association

Features of DMR Tier 3

  • Unauthorized access to the Net. Any person can receive an Analog Communication if they tuned an Analog Radio in Police Traffic Frequency.
  • Chinese F.M Radios and Fisheries Radio sets covers our low band frequency ranges, hence reception of frequencies near 8OMHz/140 MHZ is possible in these Radios.
  • Killing of remote Radio is not possible when it is on Tx.
  • If any Radio PTT is pressed accidently, the full net get jammed and is very difficult to trace that particular Radio.
  • Most of the manufactures stopped the production of Analog Radios.
  • No IP Connectivity. Hence dead zones (No coverage area) cannot be eliminated easily.
  • No GPS Tracking. Cannot trace the location of a Mobile Radio in a net.
  • Can&rsquot trace whether the radio is ON or OFF if any radio is not answered to a call.
  • Can&rsquot possible to send Data or Text messages.
  • Automatic Roaming not possible.

Problems facing in the existing Analog Communication

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