Women Self Defence Training Program

Women Self Defence Training Program is a unique initiative of Kerala Police under its Community Policing Project. This project aims at empowering women through comprehensive awareness and practical training program. The vulnerability of women and young girls is a major factor contributing to the instances of crime against women.

This special programme for women's self defense has become extremely popular among the women folk of Kerala. No agency ever in our country ventured to impart WSDT hands- on training in such a big scale. When completed this would be a record.

A total of 1,22,210 women have been trained by the women self defense trainers across the state during the period from November 2018 to February 2019. Majority of women were trained in Kochi City and least numbers in Kozhikode Rural. The WSDT trainers have conducted training in 503 Schools throughout the state. Around 67 schools in Idukki and 52 schools in Thiruvananthapuram Rural conducted the women self defense training program. A total of 80,470 students and others in various schools have been trained by the self defense team. Eleven Colleges each from Thiruvananthapuram City and Thrissur City conducted the training program during this period. A total of 3,245 college students in Thiruvananthapuram City, Thrissur City and Kasaragod have been trained by the women self defense team.

A total of 26,675 were trained by the team by conducting self defense classes at 212 various institutions across the State. A total of 39 various institutions in Alappuzha conducted self defense training programs and it holds the first position having most training programs in residential areas and institutions. Kochi City and Kasaragod have the majority of women trained in self defense techniques from the Centers respectively. A total of 39,834 were trained by the Women Self Defense Team in Thiruvananthapuram Rural, Kochi City and Idukki Districts.

Last updated on Monday 6th of December 2021 PM