General Tips

General Instructions / Mind Set While You Are Driving

  1. Look Ahead
    • Looking ahead helps you plan well in advance so as you can act in time to come out from hazardous situations.
    • Pay attention to road signs/marking. Scan the environment and keep yourself ready for any eventuality.
  2. Be Ready For The Unexpected
    • Train yourself to expect the unexpected by thinking ahead and anticipating future course of events.
    • You must be able to anticipate the behavior of other road users and keep yourself ready to deal with the anticipated event.
  3. Be In Command
    • Your safety largely lies in your hand. Your vehicle should be well in your command to face any situation.
    • It is especially more important to stay in control on difficult roads and mixed traffic situations. You should be able to stop or change the path comfortably.
  4. Think Over This Before Driving
    • Speed thrills but kills
    • When you drive remember you are responsible for others life.
  5. Be A Gentleman On Roads
    • Follow traffic rules you will never feel sorry.
    • Help others in need - some day you too may need help
    • Reckless Driving is Dangerous
    • Do not overtake at junctions
    • Being impatient on the road makes you a patient at home.
    • Avoid Footpath Parking
    • Always Keep Left While Driving
    • Avoid Over Taking through Left Side
    • Pedestrians have the right to cross the road at the zebra crossing
    • Save our citizen from pollution - keep PUC.
    • Lane driving is safe driving.
    • Use horns to the minimum.
    • Traffic warden - your partner - in safe driving
    • We Respect Those Who Respect Traffic Laws.
    • Test Your Knowledge on Traffic Safety
  6. Always Remember
    • To Carry Driving License
    • To Keep Photocopy of The Vehicle Records
    • To drive Only Vehicles Below 50 cc & without Gear if You Are Above 16 And Below 18.
    • Avoid Disqualification Of Driving License Do Not Drive After Drinks.
    • Always wear protective measures such as Helmet , Seatbelts etc.
    • To avoid music while driving may end the music of one's life.
    • To avoid using mobile phones while driving

Tips To Pedestrians

  1. Use Footpath for Walking
  2. Look Both Sides before Crossing the Road
  3. Cross the Road through Zebra Crossing
  4. Mount and Dismount Bus while Stationary
  5. Avoid Foot Board Travelling.
  6. Roads are not play grounds - Children beware.
  7. Never jump over the railing.
  8. Follow traffic rules you will never feel sorry.
  9. Traffic warden - your partner - to be safe on roads
  10. Avoid using mobile telephones while you are on road


Tips To Speeders

At higher speed, a driver has less time to react to potentially hazardous situations. The stopping distance for a vehicle travelling at 80 km per hour is 76 meters. At 100 km per hour it is 112 meters. It takes a longer distance to stop a fast moving vehicle than most people think. So please take note of the information given in the chart below.

  1. About your speed
  2. Can I stop in time if the vehicle in front brakes suddenly?
  3. Is my speed correct for the road and type of traffic?
  4. Am I in right gear?
  5. About the road and environment
  6. Is the road wet, greasy or uneven?
  7. Are there roadside encroachments and parking?
  8. Is it going to rain?


Tips To Two Wheeler Riders

Wear the helmet beacuse

  1. Only 24% of helmeted drivers recorded head injuries compared to 56% drivers without helmets.
  2. Only 14% of head injuries resulted in neurological deficiency, for drivers with helmet, whereas it was 33% in the case of without helmets.
  3. During head impacts the neck of helmeted drivers suffer lower force and torque than those without.
  4. Dynamic impact on head is reduced by 50% with the use of helmets.


Ask Your Self When approaching uncontrolled junctions

When approaching uncontrolled junctions

Am I approaching from a minor road to a major road?
Can other drivers see me?
Do I have an escape route?

When approaching controlled / signalised junctions

Is green light about to change?
Do I have time to stop?
Can the vehicle behind me stop?

When approaching a bend / turning

How sharp it is ?
Is sight distance enough?
Is my speed proper?

When trying to overtake

Is the vehicle in front of you about to turn right?
Is there enough sight distance?
Is there any vehicle on right approaching quite fast?

When being overtaken

Am I unhappy being overtaken?
Am I giving signal for overtaking or not overtaking?
Are there more vehicles than one about to overtake?

When passing parked vehicles

Will the door of the parked vehicle suddenly open?
Will some pedestrian rush out from behind the vehicle?
Will a parked vehicle suddenly pull out?

About your positioning

                 Can I see and be seen?
                 Is traffic restricting my course of action?
                 Is there enough space to stop?

Last updated on Wednesday 13th of April 2022 PM