Project "KOOTTU"

"KOOTTU" is a prestigious child safety initiative by Kerala Police, setting up with the help of Bachpan Bachavo Andolan(BBA), to enable secure cyber space for children. The project was launched by Shri. Pinarayi Vijayan, Hon. Chief Minister of Kerala on 26-07-2022 at Govt GHSS, Cotton Hill,Thiruvananthapuram.

The project aims to build comprehensive awareness among teenagers and to build infrastructure at specific districts across Kerala where P-Hunt cases are reported most. The project put forward two levels of actions. At the first level, the project focuses on spreading awareness among the children, teachers and parents on the threats and challenges in cyberspace, by blending modern IT techniques, robotics etc. The second level is dedicated for rehabilitation of the children who are victims of the online crimes. It is evident from the last few P-Hunt operations that many of our children are badly exposed to online exploitations. Recognising the fact, Kerala Police and BBA teamed up together on the move to establish counselling Centres and legal aid posts for the victimised children in selected districts where P-Hunt Cases are highly reported. The service of the centres will be free of cost and the centre will equip the victims to tide over exploitation in all respects.

Last updated on Tuesday 2nd of August 2022 PM