Order Type Order Number Subject Order Date Preview
Circular 14-2013 Measures to be adopted for safeguarding the interest of Missing Children – Supreme Court Directions 30-11--0001 Download
Circular 13-2013 Submission of Movable, Immovable and valuable properties Returns by Police Officers (Confidential- webadminscrb.pol@kerala.gov.in) 30-11--0001 Download
Circular 12-2013 Regulation of electricity consumption in the offices 30-11--0001 Download
Circular 11-2013 Ensuring of Video Coverage for Police Traffic Checking- Instructions 30-11--0001 Download
Circular 10-2013 The Criminal Law (Amendment) Act 2013 – Instructions Issued 30-11--0001 Download
Circular 09-2013 Police Welfare Bureau – Welfare of Police Personnel- Funeral Parade on demise of Police Personnel- Modification issued 30-11--0001 Download
Circular 08-2013 Guidelines for the maintenance of CD file – Investigated by Special Team 30-11--0001 Download
Circular 07-2013 Investigation of Terrorist / Extremist / Anti – national Activities Cases 30-11--0001 Download
Circular 06-2013 Photographs of Senior Police Officers 30-11--0001 Download
Circular 05-2013 Acquiring CDRs for investigation of crimes - Modified Guidelines 30-11--0001 Download
Circular 04-2013 Annual Confidential Reports of Officers 30-11--0001 Download
Circular 03-2013 Acquiring CDRs for investigation of crimes 30-11--0001 Download
Circular 02-2013 Accounting of pending cases - Comparison of FIR Index with Court records 30-11--0001 Download
Circular 01-2013 Categorization of Grave Crimes 30-11--0001 Download
Circular 38-2012 Preparation of Statement / Counter Affidavit to be filed on behalf of State Police Chief before the Hon’ble Supreme Court and High Court – Instructions issued. 07-12-2012 Download
Circular 37-2012 Escort to Prisoners of Women's Prison Viyyur - Providing WCPOs for women prisoners escort duty from the respective districts where in the women prisoners involved in crime cases - Instructions Issued - reg. 06-11-2012 Download
Circular 36-2012 Concept of Victim Liaison Officer 15-11-2012 Download
Circular 35-2012 Internal Performance Appraisal System for Officers 07-11-2012 Download
Circular 34-2012 Implementation COTPA-including COTPA violations in Monthly Crime Review 03-11-2012 Download
Circular 33-2012 Implementation of IAPS - Instructions issued 22-10-2012 Download
Circular 32-2012 Destruction of public and private properties in agitations –instructions issued 03-11-2012 Download
Circular 31-2012 Indecent Representation of Women (Prevention) Act 1986 - Instructions - reg 18-10-2012 Download
Circular 30-2012 Guidelines to be followed by Investigating Officers while taking victims of sexual assault to various places for investigation - reg 10-10-2012 Download
Circular 29-2012 Prevention of Sale of Liquor to persons below 18 years of Age 01-10-2012 Download
Circular 28-2012 Misuse of Sec 498A of IPC – Advisory issued by Ministry of Home Affairs 02-10-2012 Download
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