Internal administrative processing system

iAPS is a web based application to be used in the Administrative Offices of Police Department. The intention of the project is to make the activities in the Department more transparent both with the public and with the Police Personnel itself. The software is under Development by Kerala State IT Mission. The Project has been sanctioned under State Plan Projects for the year 2010-2011 as per GO(Rt) No. 2178/2010/Home dtd 30/06/2010. The project has been implemented throughout the department through State Crime Record Bureau, Thiruvananthapuram. Now the Director General of Police, SCRB, Thiruvanathapuram is acting as the Nodal Officer for this Project.


Resource Persons

Name Email ID Mobile Number
N Sanal Kumar, Junior Superintendent, SCRB, Police Headquarters Thiruvananthapuram , 9497965360
A P Anvar, Junior Superintendent, Telecommunication 9497965363
Benny Thomas, Junior Superintendent, MSP, Malappuram 9497965361
K Preman, Cashier, KAP-4, Kannur 9497965362
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