Traffic Police

Over the years, the traffic police of the state has tried several innovative programmes to contain road traffic accidents. Identification of Accident Spots (Black Spots) in all the districts was conducted as a joint exercise by police and citizens. The data collected was analyzed in order to identify the causes and contributory factors.

Enforcement was focused on these black spots to reduce accidents. Body worn cameras were pressed into services in Thiruvanthapuram and Kochi to minimize conflict during traffic checks.

In order to attract children who would have the greatest multiplier effect in terms of promotion of traffic awareness, a traffic mascot: Pappu Zebra was designed. Programmes are conducted regularly in schools. Further, six mobile traffic training parks with interactive terminals and projectors have been commissioned to teach children about traffic rules. These units move from place to place. A Traffic Training School has been set up in Kerala Police Academy to train personnel.

Last updated on Friday 27th of November 2020 PM