State Police Chief

Kerala Police is headed by the State Police Chief. He is the senior most Indian Police Service officer in the State and is of the rank of Director General of Police. State Police Chief is designated as the Head of the department for all administrative and operational purposes. He is assisted by Police officers and subject domain experts posted all over the state of Kerala for effective police administration. SPC is assisted by officers in the rank of Additional Directors General of Police to manage a multitude of areas such as Law & Order, Crimes, Intelligence, Traffic, Armed Police Battalions, Training, Coastal Policing, Police Head Quarters and State Crime Records Bureau.

ADGP Law & Order heads this wing. For the purpose of maintenance of law & order and traffic management, the state of Kerala is divided into two police zones, North Zone and South Zone, which are headed by officers of the rank of Inspectors General of Police. These two zones are further divided into four Police Ranges, namely, Thiruvananthapuram range, Ernakulam Range, Thrissur Range and Kannur Range, and are headed by officers of the rank of Deputy Inspectors General. Each Range consists of three to five police districts, each headed by a District Police Chief, usually in the rank of a Superintendent of Police. The only exceptions are the police districts of Thriuvananthapuram city and Kochi city are which are head by officers of the rank of Inspector General of Police and the police district of Kozhikode city which is headed by an officer of the rank of Deputy Inspector General of Police. There are 19 police districts in Kerala. All the police districts of Kerala are co-terminus with the boundaries of Revenue districts except in five districts. The five Revenue districts which are divided into two police districts each are Thiruvananthapuram (Thiruvanathapuram city and Thrivanathapuram rural police districts), Kollam (Kollam city and Kollam rural police districts), Ernakulam (Kochi city and Ernakulam Rural police districts), Thrissur (Thrissur city and Thrissur rural) and Kozhikode (Kozhikode city and Kozhikode rural).

Law & Order

Crime Branch

ADGP Crimes heads this wing. Crime Branch investigates by exception. It specializes in investigation of complex organized crimes, financial frauds, economic offences with huge ramifications, undetected or sensitive crime cases, etc. The cases to be investigated by the Crime Branch are endorsed to it by the State Police Chief keeping in mind the extent of complexity and resources required to detect and prosecute such cases. Crime Branch is divided into three Ranges namely Thiruvanathapuram Range, Ernakulam Range and Kozhikode Range, each headed by an officer of the rank of Inspector General of Police. Each range is further divided into Crime Branch Units for each district and Central Units headed by an officer of the rank of Superintendent of Police.

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