Protect the Protectors

Operation Protect the Protectors is an initiative taken by Kerala Police to protect the Police Personnel and their families, who are working on the forefront in fighting the COVID-19 pandemic. Under the programme, it was decided to develop several Police Hospitals into improvised makeshift Corona Care/Quarantine centers for emergency purposes. It was also decided to attach qualified and trained paramedics available in various categories in police department to the Police Hospitals to perform various duties in promoting the health of Police personnel fighting the Pandemic and to spread awareness among them and their family members.

Objectives The main objectives of the operation 'Protect the Protectors' are the following

  • • Helping the police personnel who are on duty fighting Covid-19 pandemic
  • • To collect data of police personnel on duty and their families and to find vulnerable people and those with pre-existing conditions and to give them all possible support from the Police department.
  • • Create database and update it regularly, so that tracking can be done if any positive case arise.
  • • To give instructions to Police personnel, Units and Police Stations regarding the protective measures to be taken.
  • • To conduct mass screening of Police Personnel.
  • • To distribute preventive medicines and to disinfect in the Police Stations, Police Colonies and other duty areas.
  • • To provide necessary protective equipment to Police personnel on duty.
  • • To spread awareness among Police personnel and their family members about safety protocols to be followed.
  • • To give instructions to police personnel regarding the proper usage of masks, sanitizers, gloves, etc.
  • • To provide Quarantine facility to police personnel who are at risk.
  • • To promote positive mental health through tele-counseling and other facilities.

Last updated on Saturday 16th of May 2020 12:00:00 AM