Guest Labourers

Kerala is the home of a large number of migrant labourers from various parts of the country. We affectionately call them “Guest Labourers” and realise the fact that they are an indispensable part of our economy. During the lockdown approximately 3.96 lakh labourers were stranded in Kerala. The following activities were taken up to ensure their welfare and well-being.

  • • All dwellings and camps where the guest labourers were staying were identified by the Local Police.
  • • Every camp was provided with a Home guard having knowledge of Hindi/Oriya/Bengali so as to communicate effectively with the labourers on their problems and redress their grievances.
  • • Camp Management committees were formed to address their grievances and make arrangements for food and essential items with the help of CSR/LSGD, philanthropic organizations.
  • • Television, Carrom boards, sports equipment etc , were provided to the bigger camps where the workers were staying, to engage them.
  • • Videos were made with an appeal to stay comfortably and patiently in the camps. The videos featured celebrities, State Police Chief speaking in various languages to convey the message to the labourers.
  • • Earlier several fake messages were circulated by mischief mongers through Whatsapp groups. To counter this an active whatsapp campaign was conducted by the Police and steps were taken to disseminate correct information and inform them of the measures taken by the State government and Police Department.
  • • 24x7 control rooms were opened in every district, and helpline numbers were given to them to register their grievances.
  • • Medical screening, Health check-ups were conducted with the help of Labour Department and Health Department.
  • • Counselling services were provided and a dedicated helpline provided with the collaboration of Health department to attend to their psychological issues.
  • • Tele-counselling was arranged for highly stressed workers by counsellors from Tata Institute of Social Sciences. More than 100 professional counsellors, mostly alumni of the TISS, gave counselling to the labourers .
  • • In order to ensure that the welfare activities reached every labourer, CAMP CARDS were issued.
  • • Service of 84 personnel from Central Armed Police Forces were utilized. They were attached to the Districts police units and served as interpreters in the labour camps.

Last updated on Saturday 16th of May 2020 12:00:00 AM