Order Type Order Number Subject Order Date Preview
QUOTATION_NOTICE Quotation Notice_E1-1712/2021/KAP-V-454 QUOTATION NOTICE No.03/2021/KAP5 29-01-2021 Download
QUOTATION_NOTICE Quotation Notice_E1-1711/2021/KAP-V-713 QUOTATION NOTICE No 04/2021/KAP5 29-01-2021 Download
QUOTATION_NOTICE Quotation Notice_C1-7393/2020/FSL-628 CORRIGENDUM TO TENDER NO 22/2020-21 28-01-2021 Download
PROCLAMATION D2-6774/2021/P Proclamation of Unclaimed vehicles in various police stations 28-01-2021 Download
SELECT LIST - PC E1-2488/2021/CC-262 QUOTATION NOTICE 27-01-2021 Download
QUOTATION_NOTICE Quotation Notice_E1-1611/2021/KAP-V-467 Sealed quotations are invited for the supply of Carabiner screw, Full body harness, life jacket, mitten Indian, track pully for Kerala Armed Police 5th Battalion. 27-01-2021 Download
QUOTATION_NOTICE Quotation Notice_E1-1623/2021/KAP-V-310 Sealed quotations are invited for the supply of Static rope for Kerala Armed Police 5th Battalion 27-01-2021 Download
QUOTATION_NOTICE Quotation Notice_E1-43361/2020/QR-0 Quotation Notice 27-01-2021 Download
QUOTATION_NOTICE G2-2055/2021/KEPA-661 Quotation for the purchase of electrical items for rectifying defects in I Block, J Block, L1, L2, L3, L4 Barracks at Kerala Police Academy 25-01-2021 Download
AUCTION No. E3-36768/2020/T Auction Notice- Vehicle 25-01-2021 Download
QUOTATION_NOTICE Quotation Notice_SK-1076/2021/M-97 Quotation Notice 25-01-2021 Download
QUOTATION_NOTICE E1-22325/2020/KEPA-267 Quotation Notice 25-01-2021 Download
QUOTATION_NOTICE Quotation Notice for TV QUOTATION NOTICE ;Sealed Quotations are invited for the supply of 40" LED SMART TV 24-01-2021 Download
TENDER Statements_E1-64085/2020/E-852 Sealed Tenders are invited for the " Purchase of chemicals of Analytical reagent Grade” for the District Labs of Ernakulam Rural. 23-01-2021 Download
QUOTATION_NOTICE Quotation Notice_C1-764/2021/FSL-857 Sealed quotations are invited for the Purchase of Sealing film for PCR 96 well plate for DNA division of Forensic Science Laboratory, Thiruvanathapuram 23-01-2021 Download
PROCLAMATION Statements_D2-6774/2021/P-335 Proclamation of Unclaimed Vehicle 23-01-2021 Download
TENDER Statements_E1(a)-3657/2021/W-574 Supply/Installation of 15 Numbers of Police Barricade in Wayanad District -Tender called for- reg. 23-01-2021 Download
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