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AUCTION Statements_G2-4946/2021/SOG-521 Re-Auction 20-01-2022 Download
AUCTION Statements_B1-48079/2018/W-28/01/2022 -----(2) Auction of Trees in Thondernad police station Wayanad District 20-01-2022 Download
AUCTION Statements_B1-45957/2021/W- 05/02/2022-----(1) Auction of tree 20-01-2022 Download
QUOTATION_NOTICE Quotation Notice_G2-1514/2022/KEPA-66 Quotation for the construction of various items in the proposed PT Nursery at KEPA. 20-01-2022 Download
AUCTION E2A-3820/2020/R Auction of unusable department vehicles 20-01-2022 Download
QUOTATION_NOTICE Quotation Notice_G2-1367/2022/KEPA-771 : Quotation for making Octagon Shape, Round shape, Step construction in slopped slab related to the construction of Hill Track in the proposed PT Nursery at KEPA. 18-01-2022 Download
TENDER Statements_G4-2753/2021/SOG-858 CORRIGENDUM -E-tender notice published vide reference cited for supplying Tool for Analysis Software , a component of Social Media Analysis Tool is hereby cancelled due to technical reasons 17-01-2022 Download
QUOTATION_NOTICE Quotation Notice_E1-26159/2021/KEPA-462 Quotation Notice invited to Purchase of Tools to The Armourer Shop at KEPA 17-01-2022 Download
QUOTATION_NOTICE Quotation Notice_E3-25964/2021/KEPA-171 149/2021-22 Sealed quotations are invited for the supply of the items specified in the schedule attached below/overleaf 17-01-2022 Download
AUCTION D2-5191/2021/QC(1) Auction of vehicles included under NDPS Act 17-01-2022 Download
AUCTION D2-5191/2021/QC Auction of vehicles included under NDPS Act 17-01-2022 Download
QUOTATION_NOTICE Quotation Notice_G2-1499/2022/M-880 Quotation Notice 15-01-2022 Download
AUCTION Statements_D2-3838/2022/P-680 Auction of unclaimed vehicles 15-01-2022 Download
TENDER Statements_G4-2753/2021/SOG-950 Online tender invites from reputed manufacturers/ authorized dealers or reputed vendors for MALTE GO SOFTWARE in connection with Digital repository and CDR analysis tool . 15-01-2022 Download
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