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AUCTION Quotation Notice_G2-23652/2022/M-72 Auction 22-11-2022 Download
QUOTATION_NOTICE Quotation Notice_E1(a)-40994/2022/EC-180 Sealed quotations are invited for the purchase of Steril Hard disk for the computers used in Thrikkakkara Sub division, Kochi city 21-11-2022 Download
AUCTION E3-69867/2022/T Auction of unclaimed vehicles 19-11-2022 Download
QUOTATION_NOTICE G2-25644/2022/M-37 Auction of trees 18-11-2022 Download
AUCTION Statements_??? ??????-04/12/2022 Auction of unclaimed vehicles 18-11-2022 Download
PROCLAMATION D2-86544/2022/P-306 Proclamation of unclaimed vehicles in Palakkad 17-11-2022 Download
AUCTION N5-86821/2021/PHQ Auction of tree in police quarters at Bhakthi Vilasam, Thiruvananthapuram 17-11-2022 Download
QUOTATION_NOTICE G2-19061/2022/M-122 Auction of trees 15-11-2022 Download
AUCTION Quotation Notice_G2-24840/2022/M-792 Auction of Trees 15-11-2022 Download
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