Order Type Order Number Subject Order Date Preview
AUCTION E2-5752/2024/W-337 Auction of Vehicle parts 25-06-2024 Download
AUCTION G2-13638/2023/KL-888 Auction - Old Quarters 22-06-2024 Download
AUCTION G2-13638/2023/KL Auction- Old water tank 22-06-2024 Download
AUCTION E2-20741/2023/KAP-V-24 Auction of department Vehicles 20-06-2024 Download
AUCTION E2-36740/2022/W-280 Auction of Listed articles 18-06-2024 Download
AUCTION G1(b)-76035/2023/E-386 Auction of Vehicles 15-06-2024 Download
AUCTION D2(b)-39796/2024/A-346 Notice - Auction of Unclaimed Vehicles. 31-05-2024 Download
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