Order Type Order Number Subject Order Date Preview
AUCTION E3-27757/2020/T Auction Notice 22-03-2021 Download
AUCTION E2(a)-60099/2020/E Auction of Unusable Department Vehicle 18-03-2021 Download
AUCTION E2(a)-11077/2020/E Auction of Unusable Spare Parts 11-03-2021 Download
AUCTION E2-11535/2019/SAP Auction of Unusable Department Vehicle 05-03-2021 Download
AUCTION Statements_B1-25827/2020/KEPA-774 Auction Notice 03-03-2021 Download
AUCTION E2-25812/2020/G Auction of Unusable spare parts, waste oil and tyres 01-02-2021 Download
AUCTION No. E3-34357/2020/T Auction Notice 01-02-2021 Download
AUCTION No. E3-36768/2020/T Auction Notice- Vehicle 25-01-2021 Download
AUCTION B1-25827/2020/KEPA Auction Notice 23-01-2021 Download
AUCTION G2-27598/2020/M Auction of Tree in MSP Malappuram 22-01-2021 Download
AUCTION E3-36768/2020/T Auction of unusable department vehicles 22-01-2021 Download
AUCTION B1-19739/2020/W Auction of Trees 22-01-2021 Download
AUCTION E2-34755/2019/QC Auction of Unusable department vehicles 16-01-2021 Download
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