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TENDER Statements_C1-5387/2021/FSL-505 Corrigendum for the Tender Cancelling For The Purchase of Fourier-Transform infrared Spectrophotometer with ATR(FTIR) for Regional Forensic Science Laboratory, Thrissur 02-08-2021 Download
QUOTATION_NOTICE Quotation Notice_G4-17631/2021/M-58 Sealed Quotations are invited for Audit work of Subsidiary Central Police Canteen, Malappuram 30-07-2021 Download
QUOTATION_NOTICE Quotation Notice_G2-17505/2021/M-754 Quotation Notice 30-07-2021 Download
QUOTATION_NOTICE Statements_G4-2342/2021/SOG-218 CORRIGENDUM 29-07-2021 Download
TENDER Statements_G4-2342/2021/SOG-713 Tender published on 20/07/2021 for procuring 85 Nos of LED Torches for Rs. 34 Lakhs only as per Tender ID No. 2021_KP_431231_1 dtd 20/07/2021 is hereby cancelled due to technical reasons. Fresh tender will be published shortly. 27-07-2021 Download
QUOTATION_NOTICE Quotation Notice_G2-17323/2021/M-768 Sealed quotations are invited for the supply of the materials 27-07-2021 Download
TENDER E-TENDER NOTICE e-Government Procurement (e-GP) NOTICE INVITING E-TENDER 23-07-2021 Download
QUOTATION_NOTICE Quotation Notice_E1-14637/2021/KEPA-981 Sealed quotations are invited for the supply of the materials 22-07-2021 Download
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