Order Type Order Number Subject Order Date Preview
AUCTION E2-34755/2019/QC Auction of Unusable department vehicles 16-01-2021 Download
AUCTION Statements_B_1-2378/2020/RRRF-541 Auction of Trees 14-01-2021 Download
PROCLAMATION No. E2-2993/2021/K Proclamation of Unclaimed Vehicle 14-01-2021 Download
QUOTATION_NOTICE Quotation Notice_G2-905/2021/M-837 Quotation Notice 13-01-2021 Download
QUOTATION_NOTICE Quotation Notice_E1-2742/2021/CC-706 Sealed Quotations are invited for the Supply of the Store Items for Kozhikode City Police 13-01-2021 Download
AUCTION Statements_B1-19739/2020/W-114 Auction of Trees 12-01-2021 Download
QUOTATION_NOTICE Quotation Notice_C1-5108/2019/FSL-317 Sealed quotations are invited for the "Supply and installation of 2 Nos of 1.0 ton Split Air Condition for District Forensic Science Laboratory, Kollam." 12-01-2021 Download
QUOTATION_NOTICE Quotation Notice_E1-66380/2020/A-534 Quotation Notice ;Sealed quotations are invited for the supply of CCTV Camera 12-01-2021 Download
QUOTATION_NOTICE Quotation Notice_E1-66380/2020/A-923 Quotation Notice ;Sealed quotations are invited for the supply of Printers 12-01-2021 Download
QUOTATION_NOTICE Quotation Notice_E1-66380/2020/A-50 Quotation Notice ;Sealed quotations are invited for the supply of Tablet 12-01-2021 Download
QUOTATION_NOTICE Quotation Notice_E1-66380/2020/A-610 Quotation Notice ;Sealed quotations are invited for the supply of Digital Camera (3 Nos) 12-01-2021 Download
QUOTATION_NOTICE E1(a)-36655/2020/W-154 Quotation Notice No 36/2020-21. Purchase of Dell Laptop Compute 12-01-2021 Download
AUCTION B1-25827/2020/KEPA Auction Notice 12-01-2021 Download
TENDER _C1-9780/2020/FSL-219 Tender Notice 11-01-2021 Download
TENDER Statements_C1-6600/2020/FSL-808 This is for information of all the bidders that the Tender Notification issued vide Tender Nos 15/2020-21 Dtd 20.10.2020 for the Purchase and installation of equipment for Biology and Serology Divisions for FSL,Tvpm ,the due some technical problems it is decided to cancel the tenders. 11-01-2021 Download
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