Promotions - Range/District Orders

No Date Rank Details Download
4 25-08-2020 Sub Inspectors Transfer & Posting and Promotion of ASIs of Police (GE) as SIs ofPolice (GE) Read More
3 01-08-2020 ASIs (GE) Provisional promotion of ASIs(GE) as SIs(GE) Read More
2 01-08-2020 SCPOs (GE) Provisional promotion of SCPOs(GE) as ASIs(GE) Read More
1 05-08-2020 Reserved Assistant Sub Inspectors EXPECTED DATE OF PROMOTION OF ARHC TO RASI FOR THE PERIOD FROM01.06.2017 TO 31.12.2020 Read More
No Date Rank Details Download
Last updated on Thursday 13th of August 2020 03:02:01 PM