Promotions - Range/District Orders

No Date Rank Details Download
5 0-10-2020 ASIs (GE Notional Promotion of ASIs (GE) as SIs of Police (GE) inTvpm Range Read More
4 25-08-2020 Sub Inspectors Transfer & Posting and Promotion of ASIs of Police (GE) as SIs of Police (GE) Read More
3 01-08-2020 ASIs (GE) Provisional promotion of ASIs(GE) as SIs(GE) Read More
2 01-08-2020 SCPOs (GE) Provisional promotion of SCPOs(GE) as ASIs(GE) Read More
1 05-08-2020 Reserved Assistant Sub Inspectors EXPECTED DATE OF PROMOTION OF ARHC TO RASI FOR THE PERIOD FROM01.06.2017 TO 31.12.2020 Read More
Last updated on Thursday 13th of August 2020 03:02:01 PM