Police Photographic Bureau

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Police Photographic Bureau

Photographic Bureau in Kerala Police was started in 1935. The first Chief Photographer took charge during 1956. Photographic Bureau started functioning in the newly constructed building under the Inspector General of Police, SCRB since June 3, 1998.

Duty of Photographers

The nature of duty attached to the post is highly technical in nature and requires more skill and professionalism. The duty and responsibility of the post of Photographers in the police department involves collecting valuable evidence from the scene of crime, Murder scene Photography, Unnatural death Photography, Etching Photography, Document Photography, Finger print Photography, Signature ,Handwriting, Cheques Promissory Notes , Photography on documents Photography of raids alcoholic hide out and scenes and scenes of unauthorized activities, Traffic Violations, Accidents, Riots, Processions, Dharnas, Lathy charges, Strikes huge crowed gathering in Public Places, etc.

Last updated on 09-11-2019