State Crime Records Bureau (SCRB)


The State Crime Records Bureau (SCRB) is headed by a ADGP (Addl.Director General of Police) who is assisted by a DIG and three Superintendents of Police. There are five divisions under the direct control of ADGP SCRB. They are

  • Crime Intelligence Bureau - maintains and analyzes crime statistics in the state
  • Police Computer Center - responsible for computerization of the department and development of analytical software for special requirements of Kerala Police.
  • Police Telecommunications - responsible for maintaining the wireless network of the department. Presently their wireless communication is based on VHF, HF and satellite. The unit also maintains their dedicated Wide Area Network.
  • Finger Print Bureau
  • Photographic Bureau

The State Crime Records Bureau was established in 1989 as per the directive of the Central Government. District Crime Record Bureaux were also established. The main functions of SCRB are: -

  • To collect and co-ordinate the data from computer network under the Police department.
  • To update the records at the State and the District-level regarding criminals and thereby help investigating officers.
  • To collect and store all the data about various types of M.O criminals, including their photos.
  • To prepare up-to-date statistics regarding the occurrence of crime and connected incidents.
  • To act as an agent to collect the details of offences, criminals and Fingerprints from the authorities concerned.
  • To keep in touch with State Crime Records Bureau of other states and the National Crime Records Bureau.
  • To conduct training programme for officers and men in the computer wing and in the S C R B and D C R B.

In short, all the information useful for Police are to be collected and stored. The Headquarters is at Thiruvananthapuram under the supervision of an Inspector General of Police. Computer Cell, Crime Intelligence Bureau, Statistical Wing, Fingerprint Bureau and Photographic Unit are under the control of the State Crime Records Bureau. The overall supervision is being done by the Inspector General of Police, SCRB

Crime intelligence Bureau

The C I B of state Crime Records Bureau, Thiruvananthapuram, is divided into four sections for administrative convenience. The sections deal with important crime cases. History sheets of CIB Criminals are prepared and Review of Crime reports in the State is done every month.

Statistical Wing

The wing is under the administrative control of Inspector General of Police, SCRB, with its Headquarters at Thiruvananthapuram.

The main function is collection of:

  • Statistics regarding offences committed against SC/ST
  • Atrocities against SC/ST
  • Theft from places of worship
  • Data on road accidents
  • Data for the publication Accidental Death and Suicide In India published by the government of India
  • Data for publication in Economic Review being published by the Planning Board
  • Road accident details for Transport Commissioner
  • Cases registered under PCR Act
  • Data on Indian Copyright Act, organised crimes, etc.
Last updated on 16-09-2019