Tourism Police

Kerala is one of the important States in India where tourism is a thriving industry. There are so many major Tourist spots located in various parts of Kerala. A large number of tourists (Domestic and Foreign) are visiting these centers, each and every day. Most of the Tourist places are in isolated areas. The present strength of Tourism Police personnel are inadequate to control the inflow of tourists in their respective Tourist destinations. There are several complaints of immoral activities, drunken driving, sales of psychotropical drugs, other local anti-social elements in the Tourist Centres. In order to provide adequate security and better service to the tourists, sufficient number of Tourism Police personnel are not available at present. Hence sufficient strength of police personnel are required for the Tourist wing of Police Department for maintaining law and order and preventing attack and harassment on tourists.

Tourism Police wing has been functioning in the state for the last two decades and the unwanted incidents in the tourism field has been brought under control to a certain extent. But considering the increase in the tourists a Tourism Police Station at Bharananganam (Kottayam) is under consideration and It is also proposed to start Police Aid Posts at all major Tourism Centers in Kerala.

Last updated on 11-01-2018