Police Band

There are 8 Police Bands in the States. 7of them are with the 7Battalions of Armed Police whereas one Band is with AR Camp of Thiruvananthapuram City. These Bands are used in ceremonial purposes and also for Police functions, State functions. These Bands can also be hired by private persons and private organisations as per the Government Rules on payment basis with certain condtitions. The Police Band are also used for some important functions, as a tradition, though, they are not strictly Government functions like Arat of the Maharaja of Travancore. Sometimes Police Bands perform at prominent places to boost Police Public Relationship. In Kerala Police, there are two types of Bands—Pipe Band and Brass Band. There are three Pipe Bands and five Brass Bands. These Bands are generically different in their look as their uniforms vary from Band to Band.

Last updated on 11-01-2018