Special Temple Anti-Theft Squad (STATS)

0471- 2452506 spstatcbcid.pol@kerala.gov.in

Special Temple Anti-Theft Squad (STATS) was formed as a Specialized Wing in CBCID to investigate cases reported from the places of worship referred by the State Police Chief vide GO (MS) No. 110/10/Home dated 15/10/2010. This unit is being headed by an officer of the rank of SP and is under the direct supervision of ADGP Crimes.

The major areas of responsibility of STATS are

  • To provide proper assistance in the investigation and detection of important theft cases reported from places of worship and other sensational property offences being investigated by the local Police.
  • To coordinate the work of Special Investigation Supporting Team (SIST) constituted based PHQ Circular No. 10/2012 dated 1/6/2012 of each district and provide criminal intelligence/ assistance for the investigation using SIST and to encourage team work in order to enhance the quality of investigation of property offences.
  • To maintain a Data Bank of Crime/Criminals of all property offences with special reference to Theft cases of places of worship. STATS have already set up a DATA Bank of around 4000 Offenders classified based on their modus operandi involved in theft cases from the places of worship and other sensational property offences. This Data Bank has already been communicated to all SIST teams for continuous MO Criminal checking and prevention of crimes.
Last updated on 09-01-2018