Hurt & Homicide Wing (HHW)


Hurt and Homicide Wing of CBCID had been created in 2009 vide Government order (Ms) No. 181/09/Home dated 17/11/2009. Hurt and Homicide Wing investigate offences against persons such as

  • Murder
  • Culpable homicide
  • Rape
  • Attempt to murder
  • Unnatural death with suspicion
  • Dacoity
  • Offences against women
  • Grievous/Simple Hurt
  • Extortion causing hurt
  • Fire Occurrence causing hurt
  • Serious Fatal Road Traffic Accidents

Hurt and Homicide Wing is being headed by Inspector General of Police, HHW and consists of 3 units each headed by a Superintendent of Police.

  • Superintendent of Police, HHW I with HQ at Thiruvananthapuram
  • Superintendent of Police, HHW II with HQ at Ernakulam
  • Superintendent of Police, HHW III with HQ at Kozhikode

Organisational Structure of HHW

Last updated on 09-01-2018