Economic Offences Wing (EOW)


Economic offences Wing of CBCID had been created in 2009 vide Government order (Ms) No. 181/09/Home dated 17/11/2009. This wing investigates various types of Frauds that result in wrongful gain to the offender(s) and wrongful loss to the victim(s), which are offences under Indian Penal Code and under various Special Acts that cover specific Economic offences. The common types of cases investigated are

  • Frauds in Banks
  • Frauds committed by Chit fund companies, other NBFCs
  • Investment Frauds by Bogus companies
  • Money circulation defrauding schemes
  • Multi Level Marketing
  • Foreign Currency Trading Frauds
  • Large Scale Misappropriation by Employees
  • Job rackets
  • Frauds relating to Education, obtaining Visa
  • Land encroachment using Forged documents
  • Cheating in Real Estate transactions
  • ATM Frauds
  • Credit Card/ Debit Card Frauds
  • Money Laundering

Economic Offences Wing is being headed by Inspector General of Police, EOW and consists of 3 units each headed by a Superintendent of Police.

Organisational Structure of EOW

Last updated on 09-01-2018