Anti Piracy Cell

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Anti Piracy Cell is a specialized wing that investigates copyright infringements, formed through Government Order (MS) no. 167/ 2011 Home dated 27.07.2011. APC is headed by a SP and it operates under the overall supervision of ADGP Crimes.

In India copyright protection is broadly conferred on six categories of works being artistic, literary, dramatic, musical works, sound recording and cinematograph films. Performers, broadcasting organizations and authors in any event are entitled for protection. The source code of a computer programme is treated as a literary work, with certain additional exceptions and specific fair use exceptions applying to it. Generally the term of copyright in a work is for a period of the life of the author plus 60 years. Now a day's piracy has become a major problem due to rapid advance in technology. The object of the pirate is to make easier and quick money and avoid payment of legitimate taxes and loyalties. The Malayalam film industry was in a bad stage due to piracy. A huge amount of money in terms of tax evasion is also lost to government treasury .After the formation of the cell the theatre copy piracy became insignificant. Till now, the Cell has detected 170 cases throughout the state.

Activities of Anti Piracy Cell

The Anti Piracy Cell is working as a central unit to coordinate collection of intelligence, creating a database, to coordinate investigation on Copyright offences by local police and to directly investigate important crimes to trace out their original source and web distribution.

Last updated on 09-01-2018