Kerala Armed Police - I


The Raising Details and History of the Battalion

Formerly there were only two Armed Poilce Battalion in the state, namely the SAP and MSP. The SAP with Headquarters at Thiruvananthapuram was under the control of DIG, Southern range and MSP at Malappuram was under the control of DIG, Northern Range. When the Central Range was formed, the DIG, Central Range had no Battalion at his disposal. There was also need for strengthening the Armed Police by raising another Battalion and balancing the expansion of Armed Reserve which took place at that time. The Police Headquarters, therefore, forwarded proposals for the formation of an Armed Police Battalion for the Central Range to be utilized as a striking force in times of need.

Government sanctioned the formation of an Battalion designated as KAP for the central range with Headquarters at Thrissur under the control of Deputy Inspector General, Central Rangevide GO (MS) 175/72 Home Dtd 17.11.72. Thus the Battalion of KAP came into existence with Sri. G. K.Menon as its first Commandant.

About the Camp.

KAP I Battalion is situated at Ramavarmapuram about 6kms away in NE direction from the Thrissur town. This Battalion lies in between Kerala Police Academy and Armed Reserve camp in Thrissur. The Battalion consist of one Headquarters company and 6 active companies. 26.03 acres of land is there for battalion headquarters at Ramavarmapuram, Vilvattom Village. There is no permanent detachment camp for this Battalion.

Features of the camp.

The striking feature of this camp is the particular shape of its barracks. These 3 storied 'Z' and 'L' shaped barracks were constructed by Rao Bahadur T.S. Narayana Iyyer, Dewan of Cochin in 1930s. Each building has an area of 12000 sq ft.

There are two entrances with sentry post in each of them. The quarter guard of the Battalion is at the main entrance.

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