India Reserve Battalion


Government of India accorded sanction to raise IRBn in Kerala with 75% of standard cost for establishing. As per the Govt. letter D.O No.1-11034/2/2008-IS-IV dated 06th October, 2008 and GO (MS) No.203/08/HOME Dtd 01.12.2008 with a total strength 1007 including Police Personnel, ministerial staff and camp followers. In India Reserve Battalion Cops are bifurcated into Two wings. Out of these, 675 posts of PCs 475 posts are for the Regular Wing and 200 posts are for the Commando Wing. Police personnel are selected through the Kerala Public Service Commission and the selection procedure of Commando Wing and Regular Wing are different. The objectives and mission of this Battalion are prevention of insurgency/extremism and other anti social activities against the country. They were also utilizing to other national emergencies like calamities, disaster and for dismantling the other undue elements. The helms of this Battalion are fully steered by the Government of Kerala. The full administrative and operational controls vested in State Police chief in Kerala.

The Police personnel of IRBn is lying in to two wings they are

Regular Wing (SCORPIONS)

The Police personnel in Regular wing is Known as Scorpions. The first batch of Regular Wing started their career in IRB on 28-12-2010. At present 99 Havildars and 223 Regular wing Police constables are fully fledged for facing all type of emergency within the state and Outside the state and 83 RtPCs of Regular wing are undergoing training at Pandikkad . They will be also ripe for duties 2017 onwards.

Commando Wing(THUNDER BOLTS)

The police personnel of IRBn Commandos is known as Thunder Bolt. Their basic training of first batch Commando started on 09.02.2011 and completed in November 2011.At present 237 commandos and 52 Havildars are working and 41 Rt Comdos of IRBn are under training at Pandikkad Now they were considers as the most integral part of Kerala Police department.

Training of IRB

The training module of IRBn Cops is entirely different from state Police force. Both Wings of this Battalion men have 18 Months rigorous training. This 18 Months training has bifurcated in to two Phase. An initio of the first phase they will get Kerala Police Training and Second Phase training they are attached (Regular and Commando Wing) to other Paramilitary force for other advanced training.

The active Police personnel of Regular Wing of IRB have conducted attachment training with BSF, CRPF, RAF etc. and the Commando Wing of this battalion have conducted specialized training as more than the Regular wing personnel ie Airforce, Navy, CIAT Silicher, Tamil Nadu Commando School Chennai, High Altitude Training at National Adventure Academy Munnar, STF Training at Tamil Nadu etc. The active men’s of IRBn also doing their training without interrupting the duties. The active cops of the Commando wing also conducting Anti- Naxal Course With Grey Hounds Hydrabad and Anti- Urban course during etc. The above stringent training mould the cops of IRBN as Physically, mentally sharpen for facing any un towards incident in our state and country.

Nature of Duties

The regular wing police personnel used for all type emergency Law & Order duties, Election duties with in the state & outside the State, Anti- Maoist Search Duties at Northern parts of the Kerala . Assembly Election duties at Chhattisgarh is one of the remarkable duty performed by the Regular Wing men during -2014.

The Police personnel of Commando Wing performing the Anti- Maoist Search Duties with the Northern Parts of Kerala and Security duty at Sree Padmanbha Swamy Temple, Trivandrum. They were always ready to meet all type of emergency situation.

Last updated on 08-01-2018