Press Releases - 2017

31/12/2017 Appointing Inspectors as Station House Officers
30/12/2017 New Year : Arrangements made for safe and peaceful celebrations
29/12/2017 Strengthen probe in Pocso cases: State Police Chief, Kerala
29/12/2017 Ransomware attack: Cyber wing issues advisory
16/12/2017 State Police Chief requested to the Police personnel donate to Ockhi disaster relief fund
15/12/2017 Kerala Police achieved National Recognition for cyber Investigation
09/12/2017 Designating Inspectors as SHOs
09/12/2017 Workshop on Gender Justice and Gender Neutrality
09/12/2017 Maintenance of Bail condition register
07/12/2017 Workshop on Gender Justice and Gender Neutrality
06/12/2017 Gender sensitisation
05/12/2017 Sneha Santhwanam programme
02/12/2017 Student Police Cadet project to go national
01/12/2017 18 persons arrested in the statewide anti-piracy raid
30/11/2017 Cyclon-Press Statement from State Police Chief
27/11/2017 Nirbhaya Volunteer training started at Thiruvananthapuramcity
27/11/2017 Kerala Police Pavilion selected as the best pavilion in IITF
26/11/2017 Press Statement
23/11/2017 Women Self Defense Training
21/11/2017 Press Statement
16/11/2017 The police should seize vehicles only in unavoidable instances- State Police Chief Kerala
14/11/2017 Child friendly police station
13/11/2017 KID Glove -Cyber security Awareness programme Inauguration
13/11/2017 CAP Inauguration
11/11/2017 Refrain from third-degree torture and corruption – Chief Minister, Kerala
10/11/2017 KID Glove - Protecting Children in Cyber Space
10/11/2017 State Police Chief, Kerala Inaugurated the Basket Ball Indoor Stadium
10/11/2017 Kerala Police recieved national award for Soft Project
09/11/2017 Inauguration of Basket Ball Indoor Stadium is on 10/11/2017
08/11/2017 Passing Out Parade of recruit Police Personnel at SAP Parade Ground on 11/11/2017
08/11/2017 IGNOU Commencement of New Batch Admission
06/11/2017 ‘Yes to cricket No to drugs’
06/11/2017 Stress Management Program at PTC
05/11/2017 Press release - Twenty20match- Instructions
05/11/2017 Today's Programme at Chandrasekharan Nair Stadium
05/11/2017 Today's Programme at Police Training College
05/11/2017 Badge of Honour- Further Instructions
05/11/2017 ‘Yes to cricket No to drugs’
05/11/2017 Stress Management Program at PTC
02/11/2017 Cyber Crime Police - Arrested
01/11/2017 Protection to senior citizen additional measures
31/10/2017 Anti-piracy Raid
29/10/2017 Kerala Police won national award for Soft Project
28/10/2017 State Police Chief directed to strengthened the Public Relation Officer System in Police Station
28/10/2017 Online OTP fraud again- Public asked to be cautioned
26/10/2017 Selection of Architect for Construction Projects
24/10/2017 Nirbhaya Volunteers to work with police personnel for ensuring Women Safety
24/10/2017 Stringent action against Police Officers those who Miss using the social media
23/10/2017 Victim Liaison Officer
21/10/2017 Commemoration Day Parade held at Police Headquarters
21/10/2017 Commemoration Day Parade held at Thrissur Rural
20/10/2017 Special Tariff Voucher for Prepaid CUG SIM cards
20/10/2017 Commemoration Day Parade
19/10/2017 Problems facing by migrant workers -Janamaithri Beat Officer will visit Labor camps
18/10/2017 Commemoration Day on 21 st October
15/10/2017 Harthal Precautions
12/10/2017 Guidelines of the Supreme Court to prevent misuse of section 498A
12/10/2017 Security Jacket and Batton Compulsory at night duty
10/10/2017 Nirmal chitt fund scam - Police high level meeting held at Chennai
09/10/2017 Press Statement- State Police Chief, Kerala
09/10/2017 Important precautionary measures to be taken while informing accident information to relatives - State Police Chief, Kerala
07/10/2017 Action to be strengthened against modified vehicles without proper permission
06/10/2017 Investigation of POCSO CASES - guidelines issued
04/10/2017 15 persons arrested in the statewide anti-piracy raid
04/10/2017 Case against Nirmal Chit Fund
02/10/2017 Gandhi Jayanthi Celebrations at PHQ
28/09/2017 "Raksha" Mobile application for Police Help
27/09/2017 Unidentified Dead Body of Women, reported to be from Kerala found in Malaysia
26/09/2017 Strictly follow the directions from road safety authority to reduce the road accident
25/09/2017 Mobile Applications of Kerala Police- Invites suggestions
21/09/2017 Action against Goonda activities
19/09/2017 Cyberdome regional centres will be opened at Kochi and Calicut too
19/09/2017 New web application for Mobile Phone Technicians
18/09/2017 Cyber Dome attained ISO Certification. New ventures will be inaugurate by Chief Minister, Kerala
17/09/2017 Wide spread damage due to heavy rain-District Police Chiefs were alerted
17/09/2017 State Police Chief, Kerala entrusts IGP Sreejith IPS with probe into Nirmal chit fund scam
16/09/2017 State Police Chief, Kerala criticized the tendency to raise personal allegations against investigation officers
15/09/2017 School Safety - Guidelines issued
10/09/2017 Condolence message of State Police Chief
10/09/2017 Best Protection in Onam Days
09/09/2017 Beware of dangerous games like The Blue Whale Challenge
01/09/2017 High Security for Onam
31/08/2017 State Police Chief flagged off 21 buses at a function held at the Special Armed Police
31/08/2017 Sent off function to Chief Secretary at PHQ
31/08/2017 Robbery in KSRTC bus
30/08/2017 Co-ordination will be strengthened to face Security Issues
28/08/2017 Southern DGP's Conference on 30 th August 2017
26/08/2017 Statement from State Police Chief
26/08/2017 Prohibition of Photography and Videography inside Padmanabhaswamy Temple, Thiruvananthapuram
24/08/2017 Kerala police initiated to issue award for best photography
15/08/2017 Pink Patrol one year celbration at AR Camp, Tvm
14/08/2017 First Anniversary of Pink Police
07/08/2017 Denial of treatment at Kollam - Strong action would be taken.
05/08/2017 Warning on Blue Whale Game
05/08/2017 District-wise Special squads to control Blade Mafia
02/08/2017 Transfer and Postings of CIs
31/07/2017 Special Reward
31/07/2017 Transfer and posting of CIs
30/07/2017 DGP's Press Statement
29/07/2017 Crime Branch enquiry on death of Vinayakan
28/07/2017 Civil Service Cricket tournament : PHQ Team winners
27/07/2017 16 persons arrested in the statewide anti-piracy raid
24/07/2017 Strong action against Blade Mafia –State Police Chief
19/07/2017 Press Statement
19/07/2017 Press Release
18/07/2017 Press Release
15/07/2017 Police Chief Control Room inaugurated by State Police Chief, Kerala
15/07/2017 Squash practice become at an internal level at Thiruvananthapuram
13/07/2017 Anti-Terrorist Force –Head Office at AR Cam Thripunithura
13/07/2017 D.G Control Room will be opened tomorrow (15/07/2017) in Police Headquarters
11/07/2017 Women Police Battalion: Medical Checkup for 2nd Batch commence on 13th July onwards
07/07/2017 Kerala Police will conduct a squash coaching camp
06/07/2017 Central Police Canteen will reopen on 10/07/2017 onwards
04/07/2017 Cleaning programme in Police Stations Starts
03/07/2017 Epidemics - cleaning programme for three days starts on 04/07/2017
03/07/2017 A message from State Police Chief to all Police Officers – Police Job is a service-Performance should be improved
02/07/2017 Press Release
02/07/2017 Police Stations will conduct cleaning programme for three days on 04/07/2017 onwards
01/07/2017 Opening of July 2017 batch admission at the IGNOU study Centre, PTC
30/06/2017 Sri. Loknath Behera IPS took charge as State Police Chief, Kerala
28/06/2017 Farewell Parade of State Police Chief Dr. T.P Senkumar IPS
28/06/2017 Hon’ble Chief Minister of Kerala would inaugurate the 5 new coastal police stations in Kerala
23/06/2017 Alert on theft incidents- DGP's Direction
22/06/2017 Tender invited for purchase of interactive simulator software
22/06/2017 Mosquito eradication
21/06/2017 Kerala Police observed the International Day of Yoga with a yoga session held at Chandrasekharan Nair Stadium
20/06/2017 International Day of Yoga
20/06/2017 Tender invited for Supply of Operational Mats
14/06/2017 Tender invited for Supply of Server Machines
13/06/2017 Operation Gurukulam
09/06/2017 14 persons were arrested by Anti-piracy cell across the State
08/06/2017 Invite Tender for equipment’s in Bomb Squad
08/06/2017 Don't leave personnel documents/sensitive information into a public computer
05/06/2017 Environment Day Celebration at PHQ
02/06/2017 Road Accident "Black Spots" Details of Thiruvanthapuram City-2017
02/06/2017 Special attention to avoid vehicle accident
02/06/2017 Traffic Regulation - Thiruvanthapuram City
01/06/2017 Anti piracy raid
31/05/2017 Emphasizing safety to students during the new academic year-Kerala Police
30/05/2017 May 31 World Anti tobacco day
30/05/2017 Farewell Function
27/05/2017 Women Police Battalion: Medical Checkup on 31st May 2017
24/05/2017 Secretariat siege - Traffic Control on 25 th May 2017 - Thiruvanthapuram City
21/05/2017 Women’s police battalion to come into being soon - The medical examination will be conducted from May 25 to 31.
16/05/2017 Janamaithri Suraksha project won the national award
16/05/2017 Prompt action against blade mafia
15/05/2017 Computer Security-Ransomeware
15/05/2017 Police Behaviour Towards Public
15/05/2017 What is Ransomware and WannaCry Ransomware?
14/05/2017 State Police chief directed to take action against Single digit lottery and unauthorized lottery
14/05/2017 24 hours Police protection for Important Check posts in Kerala
13/05/2017 State Police Chief directed to include the analysis of disposed cases in the Police Training
08/05/2017 Time schedule to visit State Police Chief for filing Complaints
26/04/2017 Plan fund Utilization in Kerala Police
26/04/2017 Action against Goonda activities
24/04/2017 People friendly policing is Government Policy- Chief Minister
24/04/2017 Transfer and Postings of CIs
24/04/2017 Traffic Control on 26 th April to and 9 th May 2017 - Thiruvanthapuram City
22/04/2017 Police should be more vigilant to ensure safety and security- Chief Minister
21/04/2017 Bifurcate Crime Investigation and Law and Order in Kerala Police
20/04/2017 Action against Goonda activities
20/04/2017 Formation of new commando wing in all battalion
15/04/2017 'PAPPU' - Traffic awareness programme started
12/04/2017 Transfer and Postings of CIs
06/04/2017 Deputed new team headed by CBCID ADGP for finding absconding accused in Jishnu Pranoy case
05/04/2017 Police is with Jishnu's family
05/04/2017 State Police Chief’s Statement-Jishnu Pranoy Case
03/04/2017 Squash-Basketball summer Camp Inagurated By SPC Kerala
01/04/2017 Badge of Honor for excellence in Investigation
31/03/2017 Strong action against Goonda Gangs , 1260 arrests made with in a week
30/03/2017 Two cases are being registered under IPC and IT Act against persons in charge of Mangalam Management
25/03/2017 Press Relase form State Police Chief
25/03/2017 14 persons arrested all over Kerala in Anti-piracy raid
24/03/2017 Student Police Cadet - Awareness Camp on Road Safety
24/03/2017 Student Police Cadet - Ceremonial Parade - SAP Camp Peroorkada
23/03/2017 Student Police Cadet - Model Assembly
21/03/2017 Special Investigation Team constituted to investigate murder of Muhammad Riyaz
19/03/2017 SPC State Level Camp: Film Festival Started
18/03/2017 Digital Innovations by Kerala Police Stall Biggest Attraction in Kerala Trade Fair at Chennai
18/03/2017 Kerala Police Pavilion at Chennai Trade Fair - Women self defense lessons a major attraction
18/03/2017 State level Student Police Cadet Camp started
17/03/2017 Community Policing can create miracles for stop fundamentalism
17/03/2017 Student Police Cadet Meet is scheduled to conduct from March 18 to 25 at Thiruvananthapuram.
16/03/2017 Janamaithri System has great role in preventing fundamentalism in the society
15/03/2017 National Conclave on Community Policing will start today
14/03/2017 Summer coaching camp in Kerala Sports Academy
14/03/2017 National Conclave on Community Policing held at Thiruvananthapuram on 16th and 17th March will be inaugurated by the Chief Minister
13/03/2017 Crime Branch will investigate
08/03/2017 Fund allowed to supply drinking water to the Police Personnel doing Traffic Duty
07/03/2017 Transfer and Posting of Inspector of Police
01/03/2017 Antipiracy raid : 15 arrested
28/02/2017 Actions taken against goondas : 2641 arrested
27/02/2017 Food court in Police Headquarters.
22/02/2017 Janamaithri Suraksha programme in all Police Stations - Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan launched the project in all Police Stations across the state.
21/02/2017 Janamaithri programme in all Police Stations - Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan will launch the project which ideally aims at bringing the public and the police closer to make communities safer.
20/02/2017 New service number for women safety while trvelling alone - 9846100100
20/02/2017 Pink Police Service Number in Eranakulam District , Instructed BSNL to resolve the issues soon
19/02/2017 Student Police Cadet Scheme for 36 more School
18/02/2017 Special Investigation Team for Angamali Case
15/02/2017 Tenders are invited for Telecommunication Equipments
14/02/2017 Investigation of Raseela Raju murder case
14/02/2017 Strong action against Goonda Gang
13/02/2017 Lost Properties/Articles of Devotees at Sree. Padmanabha Swamy Temple , may be collected on producing valid evidence
11/02/2017 Releasing of ceased vehicles by Police
10/02/2017 232 posts sanctioned for 8 new coastal police station.
06/02/2017 Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan launched a drive to equip the State police with technology to enhance communication efficiency.
06/02/2017 Police must be vigilant towards the attempts to break law and order
04/02/2017 Chief Minster, Kerala will inaugurate three Digital Initiatives of Kerala Police on 06/02/2017
03/02/2017 15 persons arrested in the statewide anti-piracy raid
02/02/2017 Creation of Wild Life Crime Division in Police is under consideration - State Police Chief
31/01/2017 Harthal- Strict action against violence
28/01/2017 Higher Officers Conference held at Police Head Quarters
27/01/2017 Gang cheating people in the name of overseas jobs got arrested
25/01/2017 Traffic regulation on 26-01-2017
25/01/2017 Body building competition 2017
17/01/2017 Road Safety Weak - Thiruvananthapuram City Traffic Police
14/01/2017 Case against Kamal C Chavara
14/01/2017 Charge sheets should be submitted with in stipulated time - State Police Chief
14/01/2017 Charge sheet of Cases should submit in time- State Police Chief
13/01/2017 Due diligence should be taken while registering case
12/01/2017 Student Police Cadet Scheme in 12 more Schools
11/01/2017 Special Investigation on Jishnu Pranoy Case
08/01/2017 New Web portal of Kerala Police
07/01/2017 Kerala Police will establish Permanent Training Centers for Women Self Defense
06/01/2017 Antipiracy raid